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1557 Only a Temporary Change of Location, Face Slap

Ye Wangchuan put his hands in his pockets. Handsome, he was just like Qiao Nian—eye-catching with an oppressive aura. Smiling, he replied casually, “Pfft, an irrelevant person.”

Those related to Qiao Nian, such as Jiang Zongjin and Old Master Jiang, were all elders.

As for those who had nothing to do with Qiao Nian, such as the people from the Jiang family’s second branch, he had long classified them as “irrelevant people.”

He never wasted time on irrelevant people.

Like… Jiang Yao.

In the banquet hall of the Imperial Mansion.

Jiang Yao called three times in a row, but the other party did not answer. He understood what Ye Wangchuan meant—he wouldn’t give them face!

He took a few deep breaths and barely calmed himself down. He walked back with a cold and embarrassed expression and said to Tang Wanru, who was full of anticipation, “Mom, Young Master Ye isn’t answering the phone. Let’s think about how to arrange the guests.”

Tang Wanru’s face turned green. She gritted her teeth and whispered, “It must be because of Qiao Nian!”

Jiang Yao did not comment. Or rather, he no longer had the energy to care about these things. He rubbed his temples and looked at his sister sympathetically. He comforted her softly, “Xianrou, don’t… don’t think too much. I’ll call the nearby hotel and ask if there’s a spare banquet hall. If there is, you and Dad can arrange for guests to go over first.”

There was some silence.

Extreme humiliation surged up. Jiang Xianrou almost bit through her lips. Her lips were stinging, so she reluctantly pinched her fingernails and nodded mechanically.

Jiang Yao patted her shoulder. He wanted to help her, but he didn’t have the ability. He could only helplessly contact the other hotels.

It was already noon. There was a good chance that the other places were already full.

However, Jiang Yao couldn’t think of any other way.

He had to try.

After he walked away.

The people at the main table who had witnessed this unexpected situation were silent.

They were all embarrassed by this situation.

Some had even thought of an excuse to leave later.

After all, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Jiang Xianrou’s banquet had been ruined.

Moreover, Jiang Xianrou seemed to have offended… Master Wang.

It could be said that no one in Beijing wanted to provoke the Ye family. They only came to support Jiang Xianrou on the Pharmacy Association’s account. However, they didn’t expect that Jiang Xianrou had already fallen out with Master Wang.

Anyone with a brain knew that offending Ye Wangchuan for Jiang Xianrou was not a good deal.

Even with Qi Yan, this deal was still not worth it.

Everyone was someone who could make a name for themselves in Beijing, so who wouldn’t be smart?

Those who were closer to each other had long exchanged glances. They understood each other’s intention to find an excuse to slip away.

Only Wei Ying, Wei Ling, and Shen Jingyan, who were at the same table, were extremely embarrassed. They sat there restlessly as if there were needles under their buttocks.

In particular, Shen Jingyan’s well-maintained face was burning. It took him a long time to recover.

When Qiao Nian had first arrived, he had taken the initiative to talk to her. He had greeted her and been busy saying nice things.

He had thought that Qiao Nian would take the easy way out and give him some face. Unexpectedly, she did not look at him the entire time. She didn’t even look back when she left.

It made his act of taking the initiative to greet her and helping Qi Yan educate Qiao Nian seem so… ridiculous.

This had happened at the last minute.

After Jiang Zongnan calmed down a little, he still had to explain to the guests.

He reached the head table first and had just said, “Everyone …”

Qi Yan had been tense until her phone suddenly rang. She grabbed it and looked down at the caller ID.

His expression changed drastically, and she picked up the call without caring who she offended. “Hello, Brother.”

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