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1556 A Joke in Beijing

“I don’t know. I didn’t see her.” Jiang Zongnan shook his head. He looked exhausted and didn’t seem to be in the mood for this.

“…” Jiang Yao was silent for a moment before looking in Qi Yan’s direction thoughtfully. However, he did not dare to think too deeply or mention his guess to Jiang Zongnan.

It was still a stalemate.

After asking Tang Wanru and figuring out what was going on, Jiang Yao rubbed his temples and turned to the manager. His eyes darkened as he said, “This is… Master Wang’s idea?”

The other party didn’t answer directly. He only said, “Young Master Jiang, don’t make things difficult for me. I’m just following orders. I don’t know anything else.”

Jiang Yao nodded. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get anything out of the other party. He took out his phone and walked to the side. “I’ll call Young Master Ye and ask him.”

The manager didn’t say anything else and didn’t urge them to settle the procedures. If Jiang Yao had the ability to make Master Wang change his words, he would immediately slap himself in the face.

Jiang Yao’s heart sank when he saw his reaction. However, he had no choice but to try to plead with Ye Wangchuan.

How else could he arrange so many guests in the banquet hall?

He couldn’t possibly tell everyone that they’d been evicted in the middle of the day?

If it really came to this today, the Jiang family’s second branch would become a joke in Beijing!

Jiang Yao had met Ye Wangchuan and the others before.

He had saved Ye Wangchuan’s number on his phone, but he was different from Jiang Li. He wasn’t very familiar with Ye Wangchuan and the others. He rarely interacted with them, so he barely called them.

But Jiang Yao couldn’t care less at this moment. He walked to the side and took out the phone number in his address book.


The call went through. It started to ring.

Jiang Yao was slightly relieved.

At the same time, outside the Imperial Mansion.

The phone in the young man’s pocket vibrated. He took it out and glanced at it casually. He saw the caller ID of the Jiang family.

His well-defined hand snapped. Then, he looked up and asked the girl beside him, “What do you want for lunch?”

Qiao Nian pulled down the brim of her cap to hide the coldness in her eyes. She was rather annoyed. “…Hot pot?”

Qin Si happened to hear it. He pricked up his ears and immediately interrupted, “Sister Qiao, were you transformed from chili in your previous life? Why do you like spicy food so much? If I didn’t know that you were from Rao City, I would have thought that you were from Province S.”

Qiao Nian played with her phone as she walked with them. She held her phone in one hand and replied to messages quickly. Just looking at her figure was cool.

Coupled with her sloppy aura, she was especially eye-catching.

“Ah.” Qiao Nian had just finished replying to a message. She looked up at him and said lazily, “You don’t want to eat hotpot? Choose something you like. I’ll freeload off you. I’m fine with anything.”

Although Qin Si was addicted to talking, he had long treated Qiao Nian as his younger sister. He turned to Zhang Yang and said, “Let’s go to your friend’s place. Get him to reserve a private room for us.”

“Sure.” Zhang Yang did not refuse.

They had already walked out of the Imperial Mansion and Gu San went to get the car.

At this moment, Ye Wangchuan’s phone vibrated again. Qin Si saw him hanging up the phone again and couldn’t help but ask, “Master Wang, who is it? What’s with this serial call?”

The other party had already died once, but he still kept calling. His brain must be damaged!

At least he was shameless.

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