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1554 Your Banquet Has Been Canceled. A Slap in the Face!

She had to think. After all, something like this had happened before.

Previously, in Country M, she had only wanted to treat Qiao Nian to a cup of tea. Later, Qi Rongguang almost got into a car accident and was stopped in public as a warning to her.

She was beginning to regret her recklessness.

It was mainly because Qi Yan hadn’t expected Qiao Nian to trace the matter back to her. In fact, it only took her a week to find out everything.

After Qi Rongguang was stopped and warned, she thought for a long time before thinking about attacking Jiang Li.

She had always felt that the Qi family had suffered so much in the illegal zone because her brother was too weak.

Would Qiao Nian still dare to act if she knew that if she touched them, the people around her would suffer as well?

That was what she thought. That was why she had set Jiang Li up.

It was also a warning to Qiao Nian.

She was used to being strong in the Qi family and Country M. This was not the first time she had used such a dirty trick, but this was definitely the worst case of her failing.

She didn’t even know what Qiao Nian was up to.

It was precisely because she couldn’t figure out what her opponent wanted to do that the feeling of panic and powerlessness kept lingering in her heart.

“Lanyin is my niece. If you touch her—”

She had yet to finish speaking when she was interrupted.

“You don’t have to warn me.

“… I believe in an eye for an eye.” Qiao Nian’s eyes turned bloodshot. “Since you admit that Qi Lanyin did it, fine. I won’t look for you. I’ll look for her.”

She stood up and pulled out a chair, not giving Qi Yan a chance to speak again.

However, before she left, she still turned around and said arrogantly, “Qi Yan, I gave you a chance.”

Qi Yan’s heart turned cold. She stood up, feeling that she had missed something.

… Qiao Nian. Qiao Nian wanted to touch Qi Lanyin!

Qi Yan opened her mouth and blushed.

Qiao Nian didn’t give her another chance. Her back was cool and valiant as she walked away without looking back.

Jiang Xianrou had also told Tang Wanru about Qiao Nian’s sudden visit.

Tang Wanru went to look for Jiang Zongnan.

However, the girl had already left by the time the family rushed over.

When Jiang Zongnan and the others came over, they only saw Qi Yan standing there in a daze. Her face was pale and ugly.

No one at the main table spoke. They were all stunned, as if they had not recovered from what had just happened.

“What did Qiao Nian do this time!” Tang Wanru’s face turned green with anger when she saw the situation. Her tone was very rude.

Jiang Xianrou’s face also turned cold. She didn’t make it so obvious in front of Jiang Zongnan, but it was obvious that she was very unhappy.

“Can’t she bear to see Xianrou succeeding?” Tang Wanru lowered her voice again and gritted her teeth. “It’s fine if she doesn’t come, but she ruined the atmosphere when she did. What does she want? Can’t she bear to see Xianrou doing well?”

“That’s true. She only has the old man and Uncle in her heart. She barely has Jiang Li. When has she ever taken us elders seriously?”

Tang Wanru’s words were sarcastic and harsh.

“I really should get Uncle and Old Master to come over and take a look. These are the people they protect every day.” Jiang Zongnan had also expected this to happen, so he couldn’t say anything for a moment.

He walked over and asked Qi Yan, “In-law, what happened?”

There was some silence.

Qi Yan’s mind was filled with the girl’s words. She was in no mood to pay attention to him, so she remained silent.

Seeing her reaction, Jiang Xianrou frowned again. Her hatred for Qiao Nian deepened.

At this moment, the manager of the Imperial Mansion walked towards them. He sped up when he saw Jiang Xianrou and the others.

After a while, the manager of the Imperial Mansion walked up to them and said politely, “CEO Jiang, Mrs. Jiang, and Miss Jiang, the banquet you booked at the Imperial Mansion at noon has been canceled…”

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