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Chapter 154: Master Wang Took Advantage of the Situation

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Gu San looked up as well even though he was still chewing and gave her a thumbs-up and praised her. “Miss Qiao, it’s delicious. I’ve never thought you’d be so good at cooking. You can start a business with your skill.”

He wasn’t exaggerating. It was really well done.

Jiang Li couldn’t stand it anymore. He slammed the table and stood up, looked at her angrily, and asked, “Nian Nian, where’s my portion?”

Even though Ye Wangchuan didn’t behave like him, everyone could tell he wanted his portion as well.

What about him?

The first wasn’t his.

The second wasn’t his.

The third one should be his, right?

Qiao Nian rose her brows. She looked at them and smacked Jiang Li’s hand. She then said coldly, “It’s in the kitchen, get it yourself.”

Jiang Li was speechless.

Ye Wangchuan was speechless.

He was so angry he smiled. His defined jawlines and perfect facial features made him look good.

This was the first time he was speechless since he had teased her that day.

Heh, if he wanted to get the third portion, he would have to compete with Jiang Li!

Qiao Nian was really good at cooking. Even though tomato omelet noodles was a simple dish, they were really happy with it.

After they were done with the meal.

Jiang Li was lazing around on the chair. He touched his belly satisfyingly and exclaimed, “Nian Nian, you can consider opening a store. The store can be next to Master Wang’s hot pot store. Your cooking skills are the best in Rao City.”

Qiao Nian was only responsible for cooking, not cleaning up. She nonchalantly rejected him. “It’s fine, I can’t do it.”

She was too lazy.

If it wasn’t a special occasion, she didn’t like cooking.

It was too much of a hassle to prepare the ingredients.

She’d rather eat instant noodles.

Today was an exception because the kid was here.

Ye Wangchuan had volunteered to clean the dishes. He came back from the kitchen wearing an apron on his slender figure. It looked… seductive, even though it was forbidden!

“I’m done with the dishes. They’re in the cabinet.”

“Oh… Alright.”

Jiang Li didn’t know why he volunteered to clean the dishes. Master Wang didn’t like doing chores. But when he saw he had buttoned his shirt and gave a house-husband look, he suddenly understood his motive. He was careless. Master Wang had taken advantage of the situation!

He then turned to look at his sister’s reaction.

Ye Wangchuan looked towards the two of them, especially at Qiao Nian, and then asked, “Do you guys want some watermelon, I can get some for you guys.”

Qiao Nian didn’t like eating fruits. She looked at the kid and asked, “Chen Chen, do you want?”

Ye Qichen looked at his uncle and pouted. He then shook his head and rejected it. “No.”

Ye Wangchuan looked thoughtfully at the kid and then turned to Jiang Li, saying, “Chen Chen will be discharged from the hospital soon, but my house isn’t done with the furnishing. Do you have an empty room so that he can live with you for a while?”

Jiang Li was speechless.

Not only was the older one staying with him, but even the younger Ye family member was also coming as well?

However, Ye Qichen heard what he said. He then looked excitedly at Jiang Li.

Jiang Li had a lot of reasons to reject them, but he gave up in the end. “Sure. I have a lot of rooms, anyway.”

There were five rooms in his house. Both Qiao Nian and him were using two. Ye Wangchuan and Ye Qichen would also be using two. However, it seemed that Nian Nian was too close to the kid!

Jiang Li suddenly felt that this was no longer his home. They were behaving as though they were a family. Meanwhile, Jiang Li was the one staying over at their place.

Like now, Ye Wangchuan actually took out two yogurts from his fridge. He then passed them to his sister and the kid.

Jiang Li was speechless.

He took several deep breaths to calm himself down.

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