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Chapter 153: They Didn’t Get the First or Second Portion

He then dug out the eggs and tomatoes, placed them in her hands, and said, “I’ll contribute the eggs and tomatoes. Can I have a bit of it?”

Qiao Nian was quick to work.

In a while, an aroma came from the kitchen.

As Jiang Li was a star, he couldn’t eat at night. He was tempted by the aroma and went to the kitchen to check her progress several times.

He couldn’t wait to turn into the fire so that everything could cook faster.

Qiao Nian made four portions.

She then put the garnish on the food.

They couldn’t wait for it. When she brought out the dishes, the dining room was filled with the aroma of her tomato omelet noodles.

“The first is for Chen Chen.”

Qiao Nian passed the first bowl of noodles to Ye Qichen. He was so happy that he smiled from cheek to cheek. He looked up excitedly and said, “Thank you, Sister.”

“Oh, your spoon.” Qiao Nian even prepared a spoon for him. She reminded him, “It’s a bit hot. Eat slowly and don’t scald your tongue.”

Jiang Li was jealous.

He then looked at Ye Wangchuan. He saw the look in his eyes. Even though he may seem calm, he knew what he was feeling now. They had been friends for so long, after all.

He was definitely as jealous as him.

Since her first portion wasn’t for them.

Both Jiang Li and Ye Wangchuan wanted the second portion.

Both of them looked as though they were going to receive it!

Ye Wangchuan put his hands on his table. He was ready to receive the second portion. He was seated next to Ye Qichen and hence was the next person in line.

Jiang Li was anxious as well. He stared at the second portion Qiao Nian was holding, looking as though he wanted to grab it for himself.

Qiao Nian didn’t notice their looks. She passed over both of them and placed the second portion in front of Gu San.

“I’ve reduced the salt since Chen Chen’s eating. Let me know if it’s not salty enough for you, and I’ll get some for you.”

Gu San was shocked.

He could feel two people looking at him angrily. It felt as though they were ready to kill him.

Surprised and insecure, he touched the bowl of noodles shyly and asked, “Miss Qiao, there’s a portion for me too? I’m honored.”

Qiao Nian looked at him. She didn’t feel there was anything wrong with it. “Have you eaten?”

Gu San was touched that Miss Qiao remembered him. He didn’t dare to look at Master Wang and Young Master Jiang, but he was getting really tempted by the noodles. He said, “… No.”

Qiao Nian looked at him. Even though she looked fierce, she cared a lot about others. She said, “You should have some. Even though it may not be nice, it should suffice.”

He smelled the noodles. It smelled good.

Gu San didn’t dare to look up as he started to dig in.

His eyes lit up when he ate the first mouthful.

The sour tomatoes blended perfectly with the eggs. Even though it was a simple dish, he couldn’t understand how it was so nice.

It was the first time he ate such a delicious tomato omelet!

Miss Qiao was great at cooking!

However, someone was faster than him. He started to praise her after trying it. “Sister, it’s delicious. It’s the nicest dish I’ve ever eaten!”

Amused, Qiao Nian patted him on the head and said, “It’s just tomato omelet noodles, it’s nothing special.”

He must have eaten all sorts of delicacies since young. Hence, he wouldn’t be interested in such a simple dish.

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