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1520 Master Wang: I’ve Won the LOP Award in Physics

“Uh, here.” Gu San hurriedly handed him his phone. His mind was still filled with question marks, and his mouth was as fast as his brain. “Master Wang, when did you learn how to repair?”

“I’ve never learned it.”

Gu San: “?”

“I won a LOP in physics,” Ye Wangchuan said casually. Without looking at Gu San’s instantly green face, he took his phone and walked to a quiet corner…

Gu San was left behind to silently calculate the conditions to win the physics LOP Award. The Ansag Award was the second-biggest physics award in the world after the Nobel Prize.

Master Wang had actually taken it!

He couldn’t help but think of Qiao Nian.

Miss Qiao seemed to have won the World Software Competition this time…

Indeed, a genius would only be with a genius!

Even winning awards in a big shot’s world was a joke!

Outside the Emergency Rescue Center.

Qiao Nian hung up the call with Ye Wangchuan and walked back.

Qin Si and Bo Jingxing were there.

Qiao Nian relaxed a lot. Rubbing her temples, she said to the others, “The signal station in Quchi Town has been fixed.”

Bo Zheng, Luo Ming, and the others were still working out a rescue plan. They were stunned when they heard this. “Wasn’t it broken?”

“It should have just been fixed.” Qiao Nian’s face under the baseball cap was exquisite and eye-catching.

Everyone turned to her.

She didn’t have any other expression. Her eyes were a little dry as she handed the phone to Bo Zheng and the others. “I just spoke to Ye Wangchuan.”

“Master Wang?” Qin Si flushed with excitement. “How is it? Are Master Wang and the others alright?”

Ye Wangchuan and Gu San were trapped there. This was Bo Zheng’s biggest headache, so he looked at the girl with concern.

Qiao Nian didn’t hide anything. She said concisely, “They’re fine. It’s just that the signal isn’t good. We didn’t speak much before the signal went out again.”

Qin Si heaved a long sigh of relief and patted his chest. “It’s good that they’re fine. It’s good that they’re fine.”

Bo Jingxing reacted quickly. He picked up his phone and said to the others, “I’ll go out and tell Aunt Ye so that she won’t worry.”

“Okay.” Bo Zheng nodded and gestured for him to go out and make the call.

Bo Jingxing quickly walked out and called the people in Beijing.

As soon as he left, Qiao Nian looked at Bo Zheng and the others and continued, “I just asked about the situation there. Many others are also trapped with them. There are about 168 people, old and young. Some of them can’t move easily… Can you save them all at once?”

“There are more than a hundred people trapped there?” Bo Zheng didn’t expect there to be so many trapped people inside and felt a headache.

Deputy Captain Luo also looked surprised. “So many people?”

He frowned, his rough face dark and anxious. He turned to speak to Bo Zheng. “Captain Bo, there are still so many people there. What if we only have three rescue boats?”

“We definitely won’t be able to bring everyone out at once.” Luo Ming waved his hand in frustration. “But if we don’t save the crowd immediately, the heavier the rain, the more dangerous it will be. We won’t be able to guarantee their safety if another landslide happens.”

Bo Zheng pursed his lips and made a prompt decision. “Arrange for the rescue boats to go in first. Bring the people out in batches. I’ll think of a way.”

As the two of them spoke, Qiao Nian tugged at the brim of her cap and interrupted, “I have an idea.”

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