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Chapter 152: It’s All a Trick

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He didn’t think that Qiao Nian was having an improper relationship with the old man. He believed that she was just meeting someone that she knew.

But who was he?

Qiao Nian chatted with the kid for a while and managed to calm him down.

She looked up and asked him, “You guys haven’t eaten?”

It was already 8:40 PM.

And they hadn’t had breakfast.


Did he know how to raise a child properly?

Wasn’t he aware that children should have their meals on time because they were growing?

Ye Wangchuan frowned and said, “He refused to eat because he wanted to fetch you. He was worried that we would be late if we ate. We had been waiting for you since 6.”

Qiao Nian smiled.

She just got off school at 6 PM, how could they finish their meal so quickly?

Thank goodness Old Master Shu was tired. If they had continued their conversation for a while longer, wouldn’t that mean that they would wait till 9 PM?

Qiao Nian was speechless and felt touched. She patted the kid’s head and asked him, “What do you want to eat tonight? It’ll be my treat.”

Ye Wangchuan looked at her thoughtfully. “Anything we want?”

Qiao Nian had the money. Hence, she wasn’t afraid of him ordering something expensive. She replied nonchalantly, “Yes. Anything you want.”

Ye Qichen looked at his uncle and wanted to say something.

But he thought about what he threatened just now and kept silent.

He wanted to cut his hair so badly.

Gu San thought that Master Wang wanted to get Miss Qiao to treat them to an expensive meal.

But they were wrong.

“Can you cook? You can cook anything. We want to eat something simple that you prepared.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

“Can I make you guys tomato omelet noodles?”


Ye Qichen never thought that his uncle was so smart. He nodded and said, “I want to eat noodles made by Sister.”

He could cut his hair another day.

After they got in the car.

Qiao Nian was replying to Yuan Yongqin.

Suddenly, Ye Wangchuan said to her, “Don’t worry about Zhao Jingwei. It will be settled.”

He had told Mayor Yuan already. The mayor’s office would be giving them their support.

Qiao Nian raised her brows and said calmly, “I’m not worried. She’s an adult already and should have thought of the implications of her actions. It’s too late for her to regret her actions.

“She must receive what she deserves. Just because you’re weak doesn’t mean everyone must give in to you.”

Most people would have thought that if someone was disadvantaged, everyone should give in to them.

However, regardless of her family’s situation or if she lost her dad when she was young, they couldn’t justify her actions.

If she hadn’t followed Shen Qingqing, and if the rod hit Shen Qingqing instead of her, how could her parents seek justice?

Just because she failed didn’t mean she didn’t do it!

Hui Teng drove back to the house.

Lazing around on the sofa, Jiang Li sat up and greeted them when they entered. “Master Wang. Oh, Chen Chen is here too?”

Ye Qichen looked at him proudly and boasted. “I’m here to eat tomato omelet noodles prepared by Sister.”

“Tomato omelet noodles?” Jiang Li was confused. He looked at Qiao Nian and followed them in. He asked, “What’s going on, is Nian Nian cooking?”

“Chen Chen hasn’t eaten dinner because he wanted to pick me up, so I’m cooking noodles for them,” Qiao Nian said calmly, going straight to the fridge. She opened it and asked, “Do we have tomatoes and eggs?”


Didn’t Master Wang promise he would only pursue her when she enrolled in university?

Yet, he picked her up and made her cook for him. How was this not pursuing her?

Jiang Li scoffed at his hypocritical behavior and exclaimed, “I want to eat it too! I haven’t had dinner as well!”

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