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1519 There’s a Signal

It was raining cats and dogs in Shuangjiang City.

The signal base station was right in the middle of the storm.

The news that Ye Wangchuan wanted to personally repair the base station spread throughout the entire repair team. The workers seemed to have heard a joke and watched coldly.

They had heard that a young master from Beijing was trapped here with them. His status was quite high. Every time the person in charge mentioned Young Master Ye, his expression would always turn fearful, afraid of offending that person.

How could such a young master, who didn’t have any experience, repair the base station?


The few workers on the repair team were not optimistic at all.

They all felt that the people from Beijing were making a scene here~

They would have to pay for Ye Wangchuan’s actions if anything happened.

Who could look good at this thought?!

“Master Wang, can you hear me?” Gu San hugged Ye Wangchuan’s windbreaker and stomped his feet anxiously. “Why don’t you come down? It’s raining so heavily. It’s too dangerous up there!”

Ye Wangchuan had already gone up with the toolbox on his back. His robust figure in the storm was not as weak as the repair team initially thought. He looked like he had some skills.

His figure was completely hidden in the rain, and Gu San could only see his silhouette.

The people above ignored him. He didn’t know if they didn’t hear him or if they didn’t have time to respond.

Gu San paced around anxiously. He gritted his teeth and asked the person in charge, “Do you still have any tools? I’ll go up and take a look.”

The person in charge’s face turned pale from fright. He kept looking up at the figure on the base station, afraid that something would happen to Ye Wangchuan. Then, even if he had 10 lives, it would not be enough to pay for it.

He quickly stopped Gu San from leaving. “Young Master Gu, don’t joke with me. I’m already scared to death with Young Master Ye going up there alone. My legs are weak now! I won’t be able to find anyone to help if you also go up and anything happens to Master Wang…”

Gu San’s temples throbbed. He glared at him. “Stop talking nonsense!”

“Yes, yes, yes. I’m in a hurry, aren’t I?” The person in charge slapped his mouth and looked sickly, but he refused to let go. “Let’s just wait.”

They waited for an hour.

The rain was heavy and cold. Gu San was running out of patience.

As time passed, the person in charge’s expression became increasingly gloomy.

“Will Young Master Ye repair the base station?”

“…” Gu San gulped and looked at the figure up there. Actually, he was not confident either.

He didn’t know if Master Wang knew how to fix foundations.

His own mind was still blank.

All he knew was that it didn’t matter if Master Wang knew how to do maintenance work, as long as he was fine and safe.


As the two of them waited eagerly, the man nimbly got off the base station and said, “It’s fixed.”

The person in charge looked confused. “Fixed?”

The workers who had failed to repair the signal base station earlier looked at each other. They looked at each other frivolously and searched for their phones, thinking that he was showing off. But when they looked at their phones, it really had a signal.

“Damn, it’s really fixed?!”

“How did you do that?”

They had tried for a long time but failed. Young Master Ye from Beijing had single-handedly fixed the signal base station?

Ye Wangchuan ignored them and grunted. He reached out and said with a low voice to the still stunned Gu San, “Give me the phone.”

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