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Chapter 151: Utterly Annoyed

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He must never offend him.


If he were to do so, his parents would kill him.

Fu Ge backed off. He then said awkwardly, “This is a misunderstanding. I just…”

He looked at Qiao Nian with shame. It was as though he was too ashamed to say what she did.

However, Ye Wangchuan couldn’t be bothered with him. He looked down and said to the girl that was close to exploding, “Let’s go. Chen Chen is waiting for you in the car.”

He could tell that Qiao Nian was still furious from the look in her eyes.

He was heartbroken. He patted her on the shoulder to console her. “He saw you arguing with someone in public. If you don’t go back, Gu San won’t be able to hold him back anymore. He’ll come over to fight for you.”

Qiao Nian was reminded of the kid’s cute face. As she thought about it, her anger evaporated.

She pouted and said, “Let’s go, then.”

Fu Ge didn’t dare to do anything with Ye Wangchuan present. He could only look as he took her away. He felt utterly humiliated, and it left a bad taste in his mouth.

Qiao Chen felt horrible as well. Even though she didn’t know who Young Master Ye was, she could tell from their conversation that he was powerful.

If she was honest, Fu Ge lost to him in terms of looks!

Jealous, she said, “Sister, you should get the morning-after pills. You’re so young, after all. What will you do if you get pregnant with the old man’s child?”


She was being really explicit.

The guy should have heard it too.

He must have known that Qiao Nian just slept with an old man at the hotel!

However, she was surprised. Both Ye Wangchuan and Qiao Nian didn’t react to her. Even though she was so explicit, no one cared about what she said.


Qiao Chen clenched her fists in anger.

If the guy didn’t care about it, it showed that he wasn’t interested at all. At most, he was just interested in playing around with Qiao Nian.

Her sister was indeed pretty with a killer figure.

Heh, you’re just his plaything!

What’s there to be proud of?

Even though they had shaken them off, Qiao Nian was still angry.

Until the kid called out to her when they opened the car door. “Sister.”

She could see that his eyes were red.

Clenching his fists looking like he was ready to fight, he asked, “Sister, did that guy bully you just now?”

Gu San then explained to them, “Little Young Master saw that Young Master Fu was pestering Miss Qiao. He was worried and wanted to help you. If you didn’t come, I wouldn’t be able to hold him back anymore.”

Qiao Nian felt less angry when she saw how worried he was. She bent down and touched his face. She said, “It’s nothing. They’ll suffer for what they did.”

She didn’t want to do anything to them since the Qiao Family wasn’t bothering her.

But Qiao Chen had gone too far this time!

It was time for Cheng Feng Corporation to end their partnership with the Qiao Property Firm.


Let’s hope that Qiao Chen wouldn’t regret annoying her in front of the hotel tonight.

Ye Wangchuan thought for a while and understood what she meant.

He looked at her thoughtfully and realized he was getting more curious about her.

He felt that she wasn’t as simple as she looked. She was just like a mystery to him, and the more he discovered about her, the more mysterious she became.

Like the surgery that she performed in the city’s hospital.

And who was the old man she met tonight?

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