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Chapter 15: Qiao Nian Jumped in Rescue

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When the adult next to her heard this, he turned around joyously and asked, “Little girl, you can swim? That’s great. That child is drowning, you can save him…”

The old man’s voice wasn’t small and attracted everyone to look at them.

Everyone wanted to save the child, but none of them knew how to swim.


Looking at the water under the bridge, Qiao Chen knew that the river water couldn’t be as clean as the water of a high-end swimming pool. When she saw the muddy river water, she frowned, and disgust quickly flashed past in her eyes. It was so dirty, and the current was so fast. She might put herself in danger if she went down. There was no way she would take risks for an unknown child.

However, with so many expectant eyes looking at her, she couldn’t refuse either. Anxiously biting her lip, her eyes turned soft, and an embarrassed expression crept up on her face. “I only studied in my summer class for a few days, I’m not very good… I might not be able to save him even if I jump down. Why don’t I ask my Brother Fu Ge to come over? He’s also nearby.”

As she spoke, she took out her mobile phone and made a call eagerly.


The old man beside her wanted to say that it would be too late by the time help came. However, since she was obviously unwilling to go down and save the child, he could only stand on the side of the road anxiously.

The waves were hitting high in the water, and the struggling child was about to be submerged.

Onlookers called the police, found ways to find ropes, basins, and other things that could float…

At this time, a slender figure resolutely squeezed the crowd away, dumped a bag onto the floor, and jumped down.

“Qiao Nian?!” Some of the girls who had followed Qiao Chen here recognized Qiao Nian and screamed. They turned to Qiao Chen and asked, “Chen Chen, isn’t that your sister?”

Everyone in First Middle School had already heard of rumors of a fake daughter in Qiao Chen’s family. Rumor had it that the fake daughter’s biological parents had even come to the door, and one of them was a poor teacher in Luohe County.

Qiao Nian didn’t return to Luohe County and was here instead?

Qiao Chen’s mouth hung open in surprise. She didn’t expect that the person who she had just met at Waterside Loft would be here.


What could she do? She called Fu Ge and hurried him…

The current below was so fast that Qiao Nian realized it wasn’t so easy to bring the child up.

The drowning child was in a state of confusion and was frantically clutching Qiao Nian’s neck. If this continued, Qiao Nian would only be dragged into a whirlpool by the current.

“Move again and I’ll beat you!”

Qiao Nian felt her neck being grabbed, and a sharp pain behind her ears made her wince. She couldn’t comfort the panicking child in the water and could only grit her teeth and bluff with a low voice.

The child’s eyes were wet and beautiful like black jewels. As if hearing what she said, the child’s movements reduced. His little face was dirtied by the muddy water, hiding his appearance.


Qiao Nian took advantage of his slow movements and dealt a blow to the back of his neck. After ensuring that he had fainted, she held his softened body in one hand and swam towards the shore…


The waves came several times, and she dragged him in her arms, even drinking a few mouthfuls of river water on the way!

By the bridge.

Fu Ge arrived first.

He squeezed past the crowd anxiously and quickly strode in a beeline toward Qiao Chen and her friends. He grabbed her arm and checked her up and down, his handsome features contorted in worry.

“Chen Chen, are you okay?”


Qiao Chen smiled shyly and shook her head. “I’m fine.”

Fu Ge heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

He then greeted her friends. “Hello, thank you for helping me take care of Chen Chen. Let’s have a meal together tonight.”


Two of Qiao Chen’s classmates immediately beamed and promised hurriedly. “Thank you, Senior Fu Ge.”

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