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1465 Miss Qiao Went Out Long Ago

“As for the dean’s willingness to help, I can’t decide.

“You know, Dad, it wasn’t easy for me to get into the Pharmacy Association. A newbie doesn’t have the capital to ask for anything.”

Jiang Zongnan only wanted a promise from her. He wasn’t forcing her to do it.

He nodded immediately.

Nothing more was said.

He patted Jiang Xianrou’s shoulder silently again, then turned around and said to Tang Wanru, “I’m going to the company.”

Tang Wanru’s expression turned ugly when he asked Jiang Xianrou to ask for medicine for Old Master Jiang. However, she did not make it too obvious.

Forcing a smile, she ushered the man out of the house.

After sending Jiang Zongnan off, she would immediately return to help Jiang Xianrou pack her luggage…

On the other side.

At Rhine Apartments.

Lu Zhi’s flight was at nine, and Qiao Nian only woke up at 8:30.

After she got up, she brushed her teeth and washed her face unhurriedly. Then, she changed her clothes and found herself a brand new black baseball cap to wear.

When it was done.

Satisfied, she grabbed her purse, tossed her phone and tablet into it, and zipped it up.

Only then did she descend from the second floor.

In the living room.

Gu San had already prepared breakfast.

Seeing Qiao Nian come down, he greeted the girl happily, “Miss Qiao, good morning.”


Qiao Nian slowly walked down the stairs and greeted him. Seeing the dazzling array of breakfast on the table, she pursed her lips and said, “I have something to do in the morning, so I’ll skip breakfast.”

Gu San was still holding a spatula and making fried eggs. He was stunned for a moment upon hearing that Qiao Nian wasn’t eating breakfast. He forgot to put the spatula back and followed her out when he regained his senses. “Miss Qiao, aren’t you eating breakfast?”

Qiao Nian had already changed her shoes at the entrance. She calmly put on her canvas shoes; the black canvas shoes made the girl’s legs look straight and long, especially eye-catching.

She tied her shoelaces and straightened her back, then picked up her bag and turned her head to answer him. “Yes. A friend is leaving, and I promised to send him off. I’m a little late, so I won’t eat breakfast. I’ll buy some bread outside later.”

Gu San was quite disappointed.

But he didn’t hesitate when he heard that Qiao Nian was going to send her friend off. He immediately put down the spatula and untied his apron. “Miss Qiao, wait for me. I’ll send you to the airport.”

Qiao Nian remembered that Lu Zhi wasn’t leaving from the airport, so she rejected Gu San’s good intentions. “No need. I’ll take a taxi there myself.”

She pulled down the brim of her cap, took out her earphones from her pocket, and stuffed them in her ears. Then, she waved at Gu San coolly, bowed, and opened the door.

Qiao Nian had been out for half an hour when the door to Ye Wangchuan’s bedroom opened. The man seemed to have not slept all night and had just come out. His hair hung down to cover his brow bones, revealing only a pair of heavily bloodshot eyes. It was obvious that he had stayed up late last night.

“Master Wang.” Gu San had already prepared a simple breakfast and placed it on the dining table.

Ye Wangchuan grunted and walked over to the table. He pulled out one of the chairs and sat down.

Upon seeing that only his cutlery was placed on the rectangular dining table, he paused in the act of picking up his glass of ice water. He placed the glass on the table and turned back to ask the busy green figure.

“Where’s Nian Nian? She’s not up yet?”

Gu San was picking up the magazines scattered on the sofa when he heard his question. “Ah, Miss Qiao? Miss Qiao woke up long ago. She’s already out.”

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