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1454 Nothing But Regret

The Jiang family’s aunt, Yuan Qing, even grabbed him to ask about the situation just now. “Second Brother, who was that person just now? What’s going on? Is he Jiang Yao’s boss? How does Qiao Nian know him? You said that Jiang Yao was fired just now. Is that true?”

Jiang Zongnan was about to be annoyed to death. He pulled a long face and looked at her solemnly. “Aunt, what exactly do you want to ask?”

Yuan Qing let go of his hand in embarrassment. “It’s nothing. I’m just curious how Qiao Nian knows Jiang Yao’s boss. I heard that Jiang Yao’s boss is an extraordinary figure. Qiao Nian has always lived in Rao City and has never even been to Beijing. How could she know such a person?”

“I don’t know,” Jiang Zongnan answered her expressionlessly. “In short, things are as you see them. I’m not sure about the rest. It’s useless for you to ask me.”

Yuan Qing was speechless.

“I still have to greet the guests. Please help yourself.” Jiang Zongnan did not want to waste time with her and hurried in.

Yuan Qing watched him leave in a hurry with a sinking heart. “How do you think Qiao Nian knows such a person? Hasn’t the eldest branch always been inferior to the second branch?”

There was only her eldest son behind her. The eldest son shook his head and still did not know anything. “All the relatives think that the eldest branch’s family can’t do it.”

“Do you remember Jiang Yao’s reaction? You can tell that the other party has an extraordinary status. The Jiang family is definitely not on the same level as her.” After Yuan Qing finished speaking, her heart became heavier. She said to her son regretfully, “Do you think I’m too anxious? Why do I feel that I’ve chosen the wrong side? Jiang Xianrou is not as good as that Qiao Nian?”

Her eldest son was silent for a few seconds. After a long time, he comforted her. “Mom, you’re thinking too much. It was just an accident. Didn’t Jiang Yao say that we can still use our connections? I heard from my cousin-in-law that the Pharmacy Association will come to congratulate us later. Only a few people left…”

Yuan Qing frowned and tightened her grip on her walking stick. “Are you talking about the Pharmacy Association?”

Her mind raced. In fact, she still regretted going too far. Her face turned green. “… I hope so. I hope we picked the right side.”

But she already felt that she had chosen the wrong side.

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