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1453 The Loud Slap

Jian Jin’s name danced across the phone screen.

Qiao Nian didn’t pick up. After hanging up, she took out her WeChat and sent a message to her saying that she would be right there. She put her phone in her pocket and looked at the man in front of her. “Jian Jin is here. Let’s go over.”

Lu Zhi knew her personality. After speaking to her, he looked at the Jiang family standing not far away.

He didn’t waste any time. His gaze landed on Jiang Yao and he said indifferently, “Are you from Tian Chen?”

Under his gaze, Jiang Yao’s neck felt like it weighed a thousand kilograms. He was suppressed by Lu Zhi until he couldn’t raise his head.

Lu Zhi didn’t do anything, but he was already at a disadvantage.

“Yes, I’m—”

Jiang Yao hadn’t finished introducing himself when Lu Zhi tapped his fair fingertips on the armrest of the wheelchair and interrupted him, “When did the threshold of Tian Chen become so low that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can enter?”

Jiang Yao paled. He looked at Lu Zhi anxiously. “CEO Lu, I…”

“If you can’t even polish your eyes, how much value can I expect you to create for Tian Chen?” Lu Zhi did not give him any chance to explain. He said coldly and sinisterly, “You don’t have to come to the company anymore. Tian Chen can’t afford to raise a talent like you!”

Jiang Yao’s shoulders sank as if he had been struck by lightning.

However, Lu Zhi did not pity him. He glanced at him and said in a distant tone, “Since you’re always worried that your sister will be wronged, I’ll give you a chance to stay at home and watch over her.”

He raised his hand and instructed the bodyguard to push the wheelchair without waiting for Jiang Yao’s reaction.

Qiao Nian had no intention of interfering and followed him in.

Her back view was as low-key as ever, but this time, it was like a loud slap to the faces of the Jiang family.

The slap was so loud!

After both of them had disappeared.

Jiang Xianrou finally found her voice. She came back to her senses and grabbed Jiang Yao’s arm in disbelief. “Brother, what does CEO Lu mean? He…”

“I was fired.” Jiang Yao’s voice was heavy, and the wall of his throat was as sharp as sand.

Every word he spoke seemed to crush him.

Jiang Xianrou looked in the direction Qiao Nian and Lu Zhi had just left in shock. Then, she looked at Jiang Yao, unwilling to accept this outcome.

“How, how could this be? Brother, are you mistaken?”

“…” Jiang Yao didn’t want to speak. Or rather, he couldn’t take his mind off what had just happened.

Jiang Zongnan also revealed a shocked and anxious expression when he heard Jiang Yao’s words. “Yes, Yao’er, are you mistaken? CEO Lu might not have such intentions.

“You didn’t do much.” He was distraught. “I’ll explain it to him.”

Jiang Yao blocked his path and looked at him with an ashen face. “Dad, who do you think Lu Zhi is? Don’t provoke him. He’s not someone we can afford to offend.”

He wanted to tell Jiang Zongnan about the illegal district in detail, but there were too many people around, so he didn’t dare to talk about it in public.

Jiang Yao was very patient. “In short, Lu Zhi is not as simple as you think. He’s temperamental. It’s fine if you don’t look for him, but if you do, things will only become worse.”


Jiang Yao held his forehead and said with a splitting headache, “Don’t be anxious. I’ll think of a way. I’ll discuss it with Young Master Xu later.”

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