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1423 Sister Nian: Did I Say She Stole My Things?

Backstage of the competition.

Ye Wangchuan, Liang Conglin, and the others were all there.

People from the organizers accompanied him.

Gu San brought Fu Ge and Qiao Chen to the security room. The surveillance video of Qiao Chen knocking on the door and entering Qiao Nian’s lounge was playing.

Apart from this, a staff member was also standing beside the organizer dejectedly.

Seeing Qiao Chen, he immediately pointed at her and said excitedly, “It’s her. She told me that she’s the contestant’s sister, so I let her in.”

Qiao Chen tensed up when he pointed at her. Her almond-shaped eyes immediately flickered as she hid behind Shen Qiongzhi and Fu Ge. She explained softly, “I… I was looking for Qiao Nian, but I saw that she wasn’t inside, so I went out.”

She wasn’t completely without confidence when she said that.

She realized that there was no one inside when she entered the lounge. Then, she saw Qiao Nian’s unzipped bag on the dressing table.

The organizers had especially paid attention to the privacy of the contestants. There were no surveillance cameras in the lounge, so she dared to steal.

Therefore, Qiao Chen did not panic when she saw the surveillance footage. She was still relatively calm.

“Chen Chen, didn’t you tell me you went to the washroom?” Fu Ge had also seen the surveillance footage.

Qiao Chen was standing in front of Qiao Nian’s lounge and knocking on the door.

Distracted, he questioned the girl hiding behind him. “Have you ever told me the truth?”

That was a bit harsh of an accusation!

Qiao Chen’s eyes turned red and watery. She looked extremely aggrieved. “I… I just don’t know how to tell you.”

Fu Ge frowned.

Qiao Chen clenched her fists again. She looked at him and said in humiliation, “I only wanted to reconcile with Qiao Nian. I didn’t mean anything else. I saw that she wasn’t in the lounge and went out. I didn’t do anything.”

Fu Ge didn’t know if he believed her. There was a moment of hesitation on his handsome face. In short, he did not ask her in front of Ye Wangchuan why she said that someone had stolen Qiao Nian’s hard drive.

He turned his head, his handsome face a little embarrassed. He looked at the girl who was sitting on the dressing table and said, “Qiao Nian, Chen Chen said that she didn’t touch your things…”

“Did I say that she touched my things?” Qiao Nian jumped down and stood still. She raised her hand and tugged at her cap. Her eyes were cold and impatient as she looked at him. “I don’t think I said anything the entire time. You guys were the ones talking.”

Fu Ge’s expression changed, and his expression became ugly. He clenched his hands, looking quite humiliated. “Isn’t that what you mean by calling Chen Chen over?”

“You’re a worm in my stomach. I didn’t even say anything, but you already know what I mean.” Qiao Nian glanced sideways at him.

“You!” Fu Ge’s fair face instantly turned red.

He didn’t dare to act rashly upon seeing Ye Wangchuan standing behind her.

However, Fu Ge clearly couldn’t take it anymore. He clenched his fists tightly, afraid that no one could tell that his expression was ugly.

Unfortunately, no one present cared about him.

Zhang Yang sneered and stood up. Seeing the three people who came in from behind, his friendly and easy-going face was filled with mockery. “Young Master Fu, you don’t have to be so agitated. Miss Qiao hasn’t even said that you stole anything, and you’re already helping your girlfriend deny it. This isn’t appropriate, right?”

Fu Ge’s face heated up. His expression changed, but he didn’t dare to flare up.

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