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1421 Sister Nian Will Tell You What a Face Slap is

Creating an S-grade software in 40 minutes even when her right hand was injured and she could only use one hand.

Question: How terrifying is Qiao Nian?

On the competition stage.

Mas, who had been waiting for it to end so that he could go back, also saw Qiao Nian’s software rating given by the IT Association.

He thought for a moment that he was seeing things when the capital S appeared in front of him.

Astonishment, shock, dissatisfaction…

Too many emotions welled up at once.

His first reaction was: “Impossible!”

But he knew in his heart that the International IT Association would never side with anyone. They would only judge based on the real situation.

Since Qiao Nian had obtained an S grade, the software she created was an S grade.

Mas’ expression collapsed. He couldn’t accept this outcome.

One minute later.

Qiao Nian’s overall score was out—98.8.

Close to a god’s score.

She just put her hands in her pockets and looked at her results with dry eyes. She didn’t comment.

Well, it was one point short.

Honestly, she was a little obsessive.

However, she lowered her eyelashes. She had no objections to the result. She was still waiting for the judges to finish their scores.

Previously, when Mas’ score was released, it had already caused a heated discussion. After Qiao Nian’s score was released, she firmly suppressed him. The audience went crazy.


“No, what 98? You’ve never learned to round it up. This one is clearly a 99.”

“99. What kind of score is that? Has there been such a high score in software competitions before?”

“Qiao Nian is too awesome.”


Qiao Nian’s overall score was far higher than Mas’ score in his heart. He had never thought that after stepping on Country H’s contestant, Qiao Nian would step on him next.

All his confidence was crushed under her feet.

His insolence had vanished.

He was in a daze when the computer screen in front of him suddenly turned black.

Mas’ attention was drawn to it.

He saw that his computer, which had specially set up a defense system, had been successfully hacked by a virus. Immediately after, two Chinese words appeared on the screen.



She was extremely arrogant!

The camera was already aimed at him and Qiao Nian.

Mas’ expression changed when he saw Chinese on the screen. He immediately operated the mouse to clean up the virus.

Who knew that everything he did was futile?

After the two Chinese words were slapped arrogantly, a string of English letters appeared on the computer interface and also on the big screen.




The perfect comeback to Mas’ ‘Bronze Medalist’ before the game started.

This time, Mas’ expression turned extremely ugly. He realized that he couldn’t stop the other party’s virus from invading. With bloodshot eyes, he threw the mouse to the ground and suddenly looked in the girl’s direction. It must be Qiao Nian!

At the same time.

The girl happened to look at him at this moment. Her beautiful eyes met his gaze with undisguised arrogance.

Everyone at the scene, including the cameras, saw it clearly.

The girl slowly took her left hand out of her pocket. Under Mas’ extremely angry gaze, she made a throat-slitting gesture with her thumb.

She moved slowly, even a little too slowly.

But it was that calmness and arrogance that made her feel both good and relieved.

Qin Si also saw Qiao Nian’s handsome action. He was stunned for a moment, unable to recover from his daze. Then, he exclaimed, “Damn, Sister Qiao is too damn handsome!”

This was a slap in the face!

It was an interpretation of arrogance.

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