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1420 Total Suppression, S-Grade!

However, everyone was in an uproar when his software rating came out.

On the big screen, in bold red letters, was Mas’s software rating—Grade A.

“Damn, Grade A. This Mas is too strong!” Someone couldn’t help but sigh.

The others were also extremely nervous.

“I wonder what his final rating is.”

Soon, the judges gave Mas a combined score—93.5.

It was much higher than the contestant from Country H’s score.

This score was considered a rare high score in the history of software competitions. No one had ever scored so high.

Previously, the highest score given by the World Software Competition was only 91.3 points.

Mas’ results were enough to make history!

It wasn’t convenient for Qi Lanyin to show her face backstage. She had been hiding backstage to pay attention to the situation on the competition stage.

Her beautiful face revealed a happy expression upon seeing Mas’ score. “Aunt, Mas got 93.5 points. The first place will definitely be ours this time.”

The middle-aged woman beside her was wearing a slanted top hat. Under the wide brim of the hat, her face was charming. She was more feminine and charming than the inexperienced Qi Lanyin.

She only smiled faintly and said unhurriedly, “Don’t be anxious. Let’s wait and see.”

“Tsk, what’s there to see?”

Qi Lanyin felt that they would definitely win, especially since the first two scores were both high. If Qiao Nian’s score was very low, it would definitely be twice as embarrassing.

She felt extremely comfortable at the thought that Qiao Nian was about to experience the pain she had experienced previously. Refreshed, she said, “Qiao Nian barely managed to create the software at the last second. She can only get 60 points at most. It depends on whether the judges give the Ye family face!”

She was still talking.

The two people in front of the stage had already been given their final overall score. Only Qiao Nian was left.

The judges wasted no time.

This time, the results were slower than the previous two!

It took the IT Association five minutes to discuss Mas’ results, but it took them 10 minutes to discuss Qiao Nian’s results.

The audience gradually became restless.

No one was sure what the situation was.

Qiao Nian, on the other hand, was very calm. Her black hair flowed over her brow bone. She lowered her hat a little more to cover the slight swelling on her lips, revealing her fair and beautiful chin.

15 minutes passed.

The judges finally stopped communicating and each began to rate solemnly.

A minute later, Qiao Nian’s rating appeared on the big screen—S-grade!

“F*ck, S-grade?!”

“Am I seeing things?”

Qin Si was about to go crazy. He grabbed Zhang Yang’s collar and shook him hard. “Help me see if Sister Qiao is an S-grade!”

Zhang Yang almost vomited from the shaking. He endured the dizziness before he could confirm Qiao Nian’s results.

“It’s S. I saw it written on the big screen.” Zhang Yang said happily, “Miss Qiao’s software rating is S. Young Master Qin, you’re not seeing things. I also saw it.”

Qin Si’s mind went blank after a moment of excitement.


Qiao Nian’s software rating was one level higher than that person’s. He had never seen such a turnaround in the summit. He couldn’t help but mutter, “Damn, I was just saying that an grade is awesome. Did you see that? Sister Qiao is S-grade!”

Bo Jingxing also looked surprised. It was rare for him to take off his glasses. “Qiao Nian’s software is S-grade?”

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