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1411 Heartless Sister Nian, Closed Online

10 minutes later.

Qiao Nian’s breathing quickened as she pushed him away. Her eyes were evasive and hot. She said vaguely, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Her footsteps were fast and erratic.

Ye Wangchuan watched as she walked towards the bathroom. His slender height leaned to the side and his eyes lowered. His sexy Adam’s apple bobbed as he chuckled.

His gaze was fixed firmly in the direction of the bathroom. His voice was hoarse and charming. “Nian Nian, do you want my help?”

His response was a callous slam of the door, causing a loud bang.

The bathroom door closed before his eyes.

Soon, the sound of running water came inside.

Ye Wangchuan’s thin lips curled up, and his eyes were filled with mixed gentleness. Especially when he lowered his head, the orange light in the room shone warmly on his face. The intoxicating gentleness on his face was even more attractive…

He only smiled before walking back. At the same time, he took the thermos container that Qiao Nian had brought back and heated it in the microwave.

At this moment.

Qin Si and the others also called.

Ye Wangchuan first poured the soup from the thermos into the porcelain bowl, then opened the microwave, placed the porcelain bowl inside, adjusted the time, and pressed the Start button.

After doing all this, he leaned his long legs against the marble counter and unhurriedly took out his phone from his pocket. He picked up the call from Qin Si with one hand.

Qin Si pulled up a small group after he hung up.

Zhang Yang, Tang Ning, and the others were all pulled into the group.

[Qin Si: Who has been in a relationship before? Who has experience? Come out and show yourself.]

[Qin Si: I just want to know one thing. Can dating fill my stomach?]

[Zhang Yang: ?]

[Tang Ning: ?]

Bo Jingxing was sitting opposite him. He had just finished his meal and put down his chopsticks. He held a cup of tea in his hand and blew on it before lowering his head to take a sip.

He glanced sideways and saw Qin Si pulling him into the group.

He put down the teacup in his hand, raised his eyelids, and asked with a half smile, “What’s gotten into you now?”

“I asked Master Wang to come down for dinner, but he refused.” Qin Si looked like he was asking for confirmation. “I’m puzzled. Isn’t he hungry?”

Bo Jingxing thought he was going to say something constructive, but he didn’t expect this. Hence, he ridiculed him mercilessly. “Boring!”

Qin Si was about to retort when a notification sounded in the group.

His attention was drawn back to the phone.

[Tang Ning: That depends on who you’re dating.]

[Tang Ning: I think if I’m dating Miss Qiao or Master Wang… I can survive without eating for three days. I’m satisfied just by looking at their faces.]

[Qin Si: …]

Only then did he send out the row of ellipses.

Tang Ning sent another message.

[Tang Ning: Young Master Qin, you’re jealous. Why don’t you find one for yourself? Otherwise, it’s not a good idea for you to be so envious of Master Wang and the others dating.]

“Damn!” Qin Si felt terrible. His eyes widened in disbelief and he looked at the three people opposite him. “She said that I’m envious? Why should I be envious? Which eye of hers saw that I’m envious of others being in love?”

Seeing his agitated reaction, Gu San added expressionlessly, “Young Master Qin, Tang Ning is right. If you’re envious of Miss Qiao and the others dating, why don’t you find one yourself?”

Qin Si was no different.

Gu San even added seriously, “Young Master Qin, don’t say that you’re not envious. It’s so obvious since you even created this group.”

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