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1410 Sister Nian, Fell Off the Horse

Ye Wangchuan was wearing a shirt and black pants today. He was dressed very casually, but it couldn’t hide his superior figure. His casual clothes also made him look noble.

He stopped Qiao Nian by the refrigerator and lowered his eyes. He looked very easy to talk to. His rose-colored lips even curled up into an alluring smile. “Jian Jin sent you a package. Since you weren’t around, I signed for it.

“The address is Presidential Suite 6618 of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing. The suite has long since been booked by a big shot in the illegal district. Coincidentally, the person who booked that room is also named Jian Jin and also a member of the JC Corporation.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

She wanted to be left alone.

Then, she would send Jian Jin and Slim Waist Control to the independent continent to have their brains checked!

It was just a delivery. Did she have to use her real name??

Ye Wangchuan was calm and composed. He smiled faintly as he spoke. “Also…”

Qiao Nian raised her eyes and looked at him in surprise. She hadn’t expected there to be something else. “What?”

Ye Wangchuan blocked her inside. He lowered his beautiful eyes and looked at her with a burning gaze. His thin lips even curled up slightly. “That paper bag contains a handmade bracelet. The style… is very novel. It doesn’t look like it was designed by a girl.”

Qiao Nian was almost pierced by his gaze. The string in her head tightened another inch, and she had the urge to bring Jian Jin to take a look at her brain.

It was one thing for her to make a delivery with her real name, but she actually used a paper bag. She didn’t even put it into a box.

Seeing that she was silent, Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes and said in a friendly tone, “God Qiao, aren’t you going to explain this gift to me?”

Qiao Nian’s lips twitched. She looked up and saw the determination in his deep eyes. Her head hurt even more. She pressed her hand against the man who was blocking her way but didn’t push him away. She could only put her hand down and say quickly, “A friend gave it to me.”


Ye Wangchuan couldn’t help but remember that he had once been her ‘good friend’. He didn’t expect to be jealous over such a small matter, but his chest couldn’t help but ache.

Tsk, he did seem a little jealous.

“Just an ordinary friend.” Qiao Nian hadn’t realized that he was jealous. She had a high chance of guessing what he was thinking. She didn’t like to explain, but immediately added, “It’s not what you think.”

Ye Wangchuan saw her frown and lower her eyes. He explained to her uncomfortably, and the sourness in his chest subsided a little. His gaze was locked on the girl, and his eyes were deep. “Oh, what am I thinking?”

Qiao Nian was trapped, unable to get out or dodge. His chest was pressed against her, and his heartbeat was steady and strong. It beat against her ears like a drum.

Qiao Nian felt as if a prairie fire had ignited where her hand was pressed against him. It was very hot.

She moved quickly and bit the man’s thin lips. She kissed him, a little harder but quickly.

Qiao Nian moved away after she finished kissing him. Her long eyelashes fluttered, and she suddenly looked up at him. Flames were ignited in the depths of her beautiful black eyes.

Her voice was still very hoarse. “Just a normal friend!

“He came to Beijing recently and made a birthday present for me. It’s as simple as that.”

She calmed down a little and stepped around him again when she finished speaking, ready to walk away.

However, Ye Wangchuan suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her back. He held her wrist and pressed her against the fridge again. His eyes were lowered and filled with possessiveness, as if he did not hear what she had just said. He only stared at her with a burning gaze and said in a low voice, “… Nian Nian, kissing should be like this.”

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