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Chapter 1406: It’s Hard to Say Who Got Slapped

Mas’ expression was no longer pleasant when he heard this. He slammed the champagne bottle on the table and wiped his mouth. He looked at her and sneered. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely prove myself tomorrow!”

However, the middle-aged woman smiled noncommittally and took a puff of the cigarette. There was a hidden surge under her charming eyes…

Qiao Nian!

Qiao Nian had almost destroyed the Qi family. How could she tolerate this?!

She took a drag on her cigarette and flicked the ash off it with the tip of her finger. Her sultry eyes looked at the arrogant and confident Mas. “I’ll be waiting for your good news, Mas,” she said in her charming voice.

Mas sneered. He didn’t understand why she took a freshman from Country Z so seriously. He was very confident and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, the first place in this competition will definitely be mine!”

Qi Lanyin interrupted at this moment. She clenched her fists so hard that she almost broke her nails. “You must embarrass Qiao Nian tomorrow.”

Previously, she had been crushed by Qiao Nian in front of the audience in the medical competition. Qiao Nian even posted their rankings on Instagram to humiliate her.

She still remembered the original grudge.

So what if Qiao Nian was Sun?

This time, they found Mas, who was as famous as her. Mas was publicly acknowledged as a top hacker who could compete with her.

Qiao Nian’s right hand was fractured, so she could only use one hand tomorrow.

Losing was almost inevitable!

She didn’t just want Qiao Nian to lose the competition. She wanted more!

Qi Lanyin gritted her teeth and said with a twisted expression, “I’ll also make her have a taste of being slapped in the face.”

Qiao Nian didn’t know that someone had racked their brains to humiliate her. They even wanted to see her embarrass herself in the competition.

Qiao Nian stuffed her earphones in her ears and carried a thermos in her hand after she returned from Aunt Chen’s place. She slowly walked into the lobby and prepared to go back to her room.

“Qiao Nian.”

To her surprise, she bumped into someone she didn’t want to bump into when she reached the elevator.

She turned around and narrowed her eyes lazily when she saw Fu Ge and the Fu family standing behind him. Qiao Chen and Shen Qiongzhi were also with them.

Qiao Chen and Shen Qiongzhi’s expressions were obviously uneasy when they saw her.

Qiao Chen’s face turned pale as she called out weakly, “Sister.”

Qiao Nian pretended not to hear her.

Qiao Chen’s expression turned ugly. She couldn’t flare up in front of everyone and could only silently endure it.

Shen Qiongzhi simply remained silent and stood there like a wooden stake.

Madam Fu reacted quickly and immediately pushed Shen Qiongzhi to the front. She raised her chin slightly and gestured for her to speak.

Shen Qiongzhi’s expression changed drastically. After a long while, she squeezed out, “Ah, you’re back in Rao City.”

She didn’t even call Qiao Nian’s name.

The word “ah” replaced her name.

That tone was as distant as a stranger’s. It was even more polite than a stranger’s.

Madam Fu glared at her as if she expected better from her. She hurriedly squeezed out a fawning smile and greeted Qiao Nian as if they were familiar with each other. “Qiao Nian, what a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet you here. We’re really fated.”

“By the way, you haven’t had lunch, have you?” She invited warmly. “Since we all bumped into each other, would you like to come over and have lunch with us?”

Madam Fu tried not to look ingratiating, but the unconcealable ambition in her eyes betrayed her.

“I made a reservation at the banquet hall on the first floor for my birthday today. Let’s eat together.”

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