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Chapter 1405: Mas Is Indeed Related to the Qi Family

The entire cabin was stunned as soon as he finished speaking.

Everyone’s first reaction was that his answer was too wild.

What was wrong with Qiao Nian?

Just when they thought of this… Bo Jingxing and Qin Si crushed this thought.

They recalled what happened around Qiao Nian. The people around her fell silent, then collectively shut down.

That’s right. Before Qiao Nian came to the capital, everyone in the capital thought that she was just an ordinary person from Rao City.

And then?

Then, there was Wei Ying, Wei Ling, Jiang Xianrou, Liang Lu… Everyone who looked down on Qiao Nian was beaten up by the big boss.

Qiao Nian’s name wasn’t awesome. What was awesome was who called that name.

Intercontinental Hotel, 18th floor.

The people living on this floor were from Country M.

Mas and the assistant from Country M lived on this floor.

Suite 1808.

A slender man over 1.80 meters tall walked from the bar to the sofa with a bottle of champagne.

“Why have you come to see me?”

He had dark hair, tanned skin, and deep green eyes. His facial features were also relatively well defined, but his face was overly rough-featured, with a slightly longer chin. The shape of his face was closer to a horse’s, which was a poor match for his beautiful eyes.

He was wearing the hotel bathrobe.

He refused to wash the thin belt around his waist properly. A large area of his skin was exposed, making him look frivolous.

Mas carried the champagne to the sofa and sat down. Then, he placed his long legs on the coffee table and uncorked the champagne. He drank in big, rude gulps.

Sitting opposite him was an arrogant girl, Qi Lanyin. Qi Lanyin frowned and said in an unpleasant tone when she saw his unrestrained actions, “Why do you have to sit like this? Can’t you put on your clothes properly?”

Mas looked at her coldly and replied nonchalantly, “This is my room. You can get out if you don’t like it.”

“You!” Qi Lanyin’s face instantly turned red.


Fortunately, a woman called out to her in a low voice at this moment.

Although Qi Lanyin was unhappy with the other party’s attitude, she was very afraid of the woman. She only clenched her fists and shouted unhappily, “Aunt!”

The middle-aged woman glanced at her. She didn’t say anything, but Qi Lanyin did not dare to say anything.

“Mas. We came over to see you to talk business.”

The woman was in her 40s and looked graceful. Her silver-white satin dress clung to her body, outlining her curvaceous and charming appearance. Her every move exuded a strong feminine aura.

Mas restrained himself and sat up straight, but he still sounded impatient. “What is it? Go ahead.”

The middle-aged woman smiled and took a cigarette from the pack. She lit it and held it between her fingers, then said flatly, “Aiden has dropped out.”

Mas looked at her, a little surprised. “He quit? How come?”

He hadn’t thought much of Aiden, but he hadn’t expected him to be so timid.

“You’re thinking too much. He didn’t withdraw from the competition because of you.” The middle-aged woman raised her eyelids and looked at him with a faint smile. Seeing that his expression had changed, she continued unhurriedly, “He bumped into that girl from Country Z downstairs and then immediately withdrew from the competition. Mas, it seems that the pressure you give off is inferior to that of an ordinary girl from Country Z.”

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