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Chapter 14: It Was a Matter of Time That the Qiao Family Regretted It


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Wei Lou had asked Qiao Nian what was so magical about this pill. He’d seen Qiao Nian keep the supposed magic pill in her chewing gum bottle like it was just an ordinary candy. He’d even seen her suck on two pills at a go when she was frustrated or just bored.

“I’m busy, I couldn’t get that many.”

Qiao Nian had one foot on the chair beside her. Her skin was fair and her legs were long. She was actually a stunning beauty. The little red mole on her slender neck really appealed to people; some would even want to have a bite at it!


Wei Lou kept that precious medicine jar. He turned to her and said through clenched teeth when he heard her response, “You, busy?! I see that you’re actually very free, you even have time to look for your daddy.”

Qiao Nian looked at him seriously. “I’m really very busy.”

Her sanguine tone made her sound even more unconvincing!

“Tsk.” Wei Lou couldn’t be bothered to argue with her. He seemed to recall something at this point. “Oh, right, someone is checking on you. Someone has come to Rao City all the way from the capital. I think a VIP wants you to have a look.”


“Not interested.”

Qiao Nian would rather take the time to figure out her background.

“They’ve already come all the way to Rao City. And they came prepared; they seem to have a lot of information about you.”

Qiao Nian didn’t even turn to look at him. She said coldly, “I’m not meeting them. Help me settle it.”


Wei Lou had a lot of underground businesses. In fact, the black market in Rao City was under his name, including some of those in the capital as well.

She and Wei Lou met by chance. She’d saved him before, and he’d helped her.

It wasn’t a matter of life and death, but she had complete trust in Wei Lou anyway. He was also one of the very few who knew her identity.

Wei Lou agreed right away. Ever since this medicine appeared in the black market, Qiao Nian’s reputation as a Miracle Doctor had spread far and wide. He had had to deal with this several times before. He told her, “OK.”


“I’ll get going, then.”

She’d given him whatever she needed to and gotten what she wanted. Qiao Nian didn’t intend to stay any longer. “Contact me if there’s anything else.”

Wei Lou seemed a little sad that she was leaving. “I got it.”

“The Qiao family…”

She’d already rounded the corner by the time he thought about the Qiao family matters. He was about to ask her whether she wanted to take revenge on them, but since Qiao Nian had left, he decided to forget it.

Anyway, the Qiaos were fools.

They were treating trash as treasure.


It was a matter of time that they regretted it.

Qiao Nian didn’t rush back after leaving the clinic. She flagged down a cab and went to a mall to purchase some items before heading back.

There was only a clean set of clothes in her bag beside her notebook.

There was traffic control along the road that the mall was located, and the driver couldn’t turn into the area.

“Little girl, there’s security control further ahead, I can’t go in. You’ll have to walk in yourself. Is that alright?”

“It’s fine.”

Qiao Nian looked at the fare and handed him the money.

She had to cross a bridge over the river to get to the mall.

Qiao Nian had just taken a few steps when she heard someone shouting from her left, “Someone’s fallen into the water!”

A crowd began to gather.

“Gosh, someone’s fallen in.”

“I just saw a child reach down to get something. I think he’s slipped in.”


“Who can swim?”

People were yelling.

A lot of them were standing around, but only a few could swim.


Among the crowd were Qiao Chen and two of her female classmates. They were looking down at the rushing waters. One of them whispered to her, “Chen Chen, I remember you signed up for the swimming class during Summer break…”

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