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Chapter 139: Was She Writing Out Her Fantasy Shamelessly on Social Media?

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“What?” Jiang Li didn’t realize what she meant and asked. “I didn’t notice. Were they having a promotion?”

Qiao Nian looked at his confused expression and then took the milk tea. But she really couldn’t drink anymore.

She then said, “I’ll drink it later.”

Shen Qingqing saw their interaction and thought of Qiao Chen.

She remembered that Qiao Chen said that Jiang Li secretly liked her on social media.

Her fans even said shamelessly that she was Jiang Li’s ideal type.

Jiang Li was Sister Nian’s brother and couldn’t have liked Qiao Chen. So she was just fantasizing?

Was she writing out her fantasy shamelessly on social media?

Meanwhile, the Qiao Family was demoralized over what happened. They didn’t want to go for lunch. All they wanted was to go back to come to terms with reality.

However, He Yujuan called them. She was treating Tang Wei to a meal at the Waterside Loft. She asked them to come over.


Hence, they had to pretend that everything was fine as they rushed to the Waterside Loft.

He Yujuan managed to get the VIP room.

Hence, she invited Tang Wei. She wanted to catch up with her and create the opportunity for her granddaughter to acquaint with her as well.

What happened today wasn’t widely spread yet.

That’s why Tang Wei didn’t know what happened at First High School this morning.

She knew what He Yujuan was planning and didn’t intend to help an outsider so much.

However, she realized that Qiao Chen was the same age as the granddaughter the Jiang family found. She was so sweet and from the same school as well. Hence, she changed her mind and wanted to help her.

She was doing this out of spite.

She approached the girl herself to ask for a favor previously. Yet, she wouldn’t agree.

She felt humiliated!

However, if she helped Qiao Chen, it would mean that she would be burning bridges with the Jiang family. She was hesitant about that.

But after a couple of drinks.

She was getting a bit uncomfortable as the Qiao Family sucked up to her. She said, “Yujuan, I’m heading to the bathroom.”

He Yujuan wanted her to help Qiao Chen and the Qiao Family to get into the upper echelons of Rao City. She nodded her head and said, “Alright.”

Tang Wei got up.

“Granny, let me accompany you.” Tang Qi got up as well and continued, “I need to use the bathroom as well.”

He was already annoyed by the Qiao family’s way of sucking up to his grandma. Furthermore, Qiao Chen was checking him out. That was so rude.

Tang Wei understood what he was thinking. She glanced at Qiao Chen and frowned. She knew that he was annoyed and said, “Alright. Let’s go, then.”

The bathroom was at the end of the hallway.

Tang Qi got out of the VIP room, breathed in the fresh air, thought of the Qiao Family, and then asked Tang Wei, “Grandma, you know their intention, so why are you here?”

There were countless families like the Qiao Family with money but without power trying to connect with the Tang family so that they could get into the upper echelon of Rao City.

There was nothing special about the Qiao Family other than the fact that they were connected with Cheng Feng Corporation.

He felt that Qiao Chen was an average girl as well, even though the Qiao Family treated her like a treasure!

She was nothing compared to the girl he met at the mall.

She was really cold, with a strong aura.

She was full of energy as well.

In comparison, he wasn’t a fan of how Qiao Chen carried herself as a rich second-generation heir.

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