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Chapter 1362: The Person in the Ambulance Is Nian Nian?

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He had just finished speaking when he saw a girl being helped into the ambulance.

She was still wearing a familiar checkered shirt, black pants, and a black baseball cap. Her thin back view could not suppress her bandit aura.

He froze. He thought he was seeing things for a moment. He rubbed his eyes and looked back in the direction of the ambulance.

This time he saw it clearly.

Jiang Yao looked surprised. He pointed ahead and said, “Dad, take a look and see if that person is Qiao Nian.”

“Nian Nian… How did Nian Nian…”

Jiang Zongnan’s first reaction was that it could not be so coincidental, but he still instinctively looked in the direction he was pointing and saw the girl getting into the ambulance.

He froze.

It really was Qiao Nian!

Jiang Zongnan tensed up. His expression darkened when he regained his senses. He was obviously worried about Qiao Nian’s safety. “The person in the ambulance is Nian Nian?”

Jiang Yao did not have a deep relationship with Qiao Nian. He was mainly surprised to see her, but he did not feel anything else. “I think so.”

“How could this be? I’ll go take a look.” Jiang Zongnan immediately unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door.

But the ambulance door closed and it roared away at this moment.

Jiang Zongnan was distraught. He quickly took out his cell phone and called Old Master Jiang and the others to inform them. At the same time, he instructed Jiang Yao, “Check which hospital’s ambulance that is. I’ll tell your grandfather and uncle. We’ll go over first.”


Although Jiang Yao did not have a deep relationship with Qiao Nian, she was his cousin by blood, after all. He couldn’t possibly say that he was an outsider and ignore it completely when faced with such a situation.

He did not need Jiang Zongnan to urge him when he came back to his senses. He quickly called the people from the traffic police team he was familiar with to check on the hospital.

Jiang Yao quickly found out which hospital the ambulance belonged to through his connections, then drove the car and rushed to the hospital with Jiang Zongnan.

At the same time, at the entrance of the Imperial Mansion.

Gu San was still waiting for Qiao Nian to arrive.

As it approached noon, most of the guests who were supposed to be here had arrived.

Only Qiao Nian was not here yet.

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