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Chapter 1355: Jiang Yao: Help Me Pass the Word, I’m From Tian Chen

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The Jiang Corporation and the Jiang family were completely separated.

Without the Jiang family to rely on, they would have to rely on themselves from now on. Therefore, they had to secure a partnership with JC Corporation.

The Jiang Corporation’s status in the jewelry industry would rise exponentially once they reached a partnership agreement with JC Corporation. Not only that, but JC Corporation was also very influential and had a place in the illegal district. They even had a good relationship with the diamond big boss…

Jiang Zongnan thought about it deeply. What he cared about was not just the partnership with JC Corporation. His ambition was to take advantage of this collaboration to get close to the diamond big boss.

From now on, they would not be underestimated even if they did not have the backing of the Jiang family in Beijing!

Jiang Zongnan was very confident this time.

The two of them got into the elevator and pressed the button for the 36th floor. Reaching the 36th floor of the hotel, they realized that things were not as simple as they had imagined.

They had just stepped out of the elevator doors when someone stopped them.

“Excuse me, do you have an invitation?” a black-clad bodyguard asked in a businesslike manner.

Jiang Yao had a headache. He stood forward and explained in a low voice, “Hello, I’m from Tian Chen. Can you help us pass a message to Chairman Jian? Just say that Jiang Yao from the Jiang Corporation wants to see her. Could Chairman Jian spare some time to meet us?”

Many people knew that Jian Jin was in Beijing.

In the past few days, many people had come to the hotel of their own accord to see her. Without exception, they were all stopped by the bodyguards and rejected.

Logically speaking, Jiang Yao and his father would also be rejected.

However, the bodyguard in black hesitated for a moment after he heard his introduction. With a straight face, he sized him up and was a little surprised. “You’re from Tian Chen?”

Jiang Yao knew the other party’s status and restrained his arrogant temper. His attitude was upright as he replied, “Yes, I’m from Tian Chen.”

The bodyguard looked at him again and thought for a moment before saying, “Wait for me here. I’ll ask Chairman Jian.”

Jiang Zongnan was very nervous when was stopped outside the elevator. His back was straight as he watched the towering bodyguard walk in.

Only then did he relax. He let out a breath and smiled. He raised his hand and patted Jiang Yao’s shoulder with a gratified expression. “Fortunately, we have you this time. Otherwise, we would have been stopped outside.”

Jiang Yao smiled and said humbly, “Dad, it’s not as serious as you say. It all depends on whether Chairman Jian has time to see us.”

However, he was very proud deep down.

While they were talking, the bodyguard in black came out of the presidential suite and turned back toward them.

This time, the bodyguard did not hesitate. His expression was quite cool, and he did not beat around the bush. “Chairman Jian does not have time.”

Jiang Yao was stunned.

He did not react for a moment.

“Chairman Jian does not have time? How come?”

He refused to give up and clenched his fists. “May I ask, did you say to Chairman Jian… that I’m from Tian Chen?”

Jian Jin was one of the illegal district bosses.

Although Tian Chen was not one of the top forces in the illegal district, it was still at the top of the pyramid.

Jiang Yao had always been proud of being a member of Tian Chen.

He thought that even if Jian Jin refused to see the other forces in Beijing, she would more or less give him some face and take the time to see him after hearing that he was from Tian Chen.

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