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Chapter 1354: What a Coincidence, They’re All Looking for Jian Jin

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How arrogant!

However, be it Liang Conglin or Nie Mi, no one felt that Qiao Nian was bragging when she said that she was confident in getting first place. She had the confidence.

Upon leaving Qing University, Qiao Nian wanted to get something from Jian Jin.

She hailed a taxi by the roadside. After entering it, she said to the driver concisely, “Sir, to the Four Seasons Hotel.”

The taxi driver looked at her in the rearview mirror and saw that she was young and dressed casually. She did not look like someone who would go to the Four Seasons. He couldn’t help but confirm with her. “The Four Seasons Hotel? T-the Four Seasons downtown?”

There was some silence.

Qiao Nian raised her head lazily. Under the brim of her cap, her face was quite exquisite. She lowered her eyelashes, as if thinking whether there were other Four Seasons Hotels in Beijing.

She thought about it for a long time, but she couldn’t think of any. She nodded coldly and said, “Yes, the Four Seasons downtown.”

The taxi driver sized her up through the rearview mirror. He really couldn’t tell why a student like Qiao Nian would go to a high-end place like the Four Seasons Hotel.

But he did not ask any more questions. He reached for the meter, turned the wheel, and drove slowly toward the Four Seasons.

Qiao Nian used her cell phone throughout the journey.

She lowered her head and replied to Ye Lan first, saying that she would be there on time at noon.

Then, she sent a message to Gu San, saying that he did not need to pick her up.

After replying to a few messages, Qiao Nian’s eyes were no longer as impatient. Her fair fingers tapped on the screen of her cell phone. Without looking at anyone else’s messages, she clicked on Jian Jin’s WeChat and sent her a message.

[QN: I’ll be there in 10 minutes.]

The WeChat message showed that it had been sent successfully.

Qiao Nian did not look at her cell phone again. Instead, she took out a pair of earphones from her bag and stuffed them into her ears. Then, she closed her eyes to rest.

She had worked on the software until three in the morning. When she woke up at eight-thirty in the morning, she had only slept for five hours.

Ever since she had woken up in the morning, every nerve in her head had been ringing. It was like a chainsaw was drilling into her ears, giving her a headache.

The headache from the drill seemed to have eased considerably as she closed her eyes and listened to the song with her earphones plugged in.

Meanwhile, outside the Four Seasons Hotel.

A black Land Rover slowly stopped at the entrance. The parking valet hurried over and bowed respectfully as he opened the door for the guest.

Jiang Zongnan was the first to get out of the car. He was dressed up today. His black suit was ironed neatly, and his tie was not wrinkled at all. It was obvious that he had specially tidied up. After getting out of the car, he was in no hurry to walk into the hotel. He patiently waited for the person in the driver’s seat to get out.

Soon, Jiang Yao took out his car keys, opened the door, and got out.

He threw the car keys to the valet and raised his head, then said to Jiang Zongnan nervously, “Dad, let’s go in.”

Jiang Zongnan pursed his lips and agreed softly.

They entered the lobby one after the other.

After they went in, Jiang Yao called Xu Jishen and said to his father, “Chairman Jian of JC Corporation is on the 36th floor, Room 3606.”

Jiang Zongnan took a deep breath and straightened his back. His expression was solemn. It was obvious that he was very nervous and uneasy, but he still maintained his composure and did not show too much fear.

He nodded and said, “Let’s go up.”

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