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Chapter 1325: Senior Jiang’s Friend Asked Me to Steal It

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Liang Conglin was about to be angered by her ignorant words. His tone was unprecedentedly stern. “I don’t know what the person behind this told you, but I can tell you clearly that the best outcome for you is expulsion. If you continue to insist, the school will hand you over to the police. What you’ve done will cost you at least three years in jail. Think about it!”

Yin Wenzhi’s entire body was trembling, and all the blood in her body rushed to her head. Her mind was blank, and her teeth were almost chattering. Her face was so pale that she looked like she would faint at any time.



She had never expected the consequences of what she had done to be so serious. Zhu Yuanhao had told her that she had only stolen something. At most, she would be scolded by the teachers and be reported and criticized by the school.

She knew this competition was important, but she had not expected it to be so serious.

Zhu Yuanhao should have known that she would be expelled if she was caught. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have suggested giving her a car from the beginning.

She didn’t know that she would be expelled from Qing University.

If she knew, she would rather not have this car.

Zhu Yuanhao knew that the matter was so serious, but he still tempted her to steal. Yin Wenzhi suddenly raised her head, her eyes filled with hatred. She said in a low voice, “It’s Jiang Xianrou.”

Principal Liang was stunned.

Jiang Xianrou?

Old Master Jiang’s granddaughter?

He had a good relationship with the Jiang family and was even close friends with Jiang Zongjin. He did not expect this matter to be related to them.

However, Yin Wenzhi’s eyes were red as she blurted out everything. “Senior Jiang asked her friend to tell me that Qiao Nian had angered her and she wanted to take revenge. She even gave me a car key and told me that as long as I stole the USB drive, the car would be mine.

“I stole something, but she’s the one who instructed me. If they hadn’t asked me to do this, I wouldn’t have thought of stealing the USB drive… I hate Qiao Nian. I think she stole my right to participate in the competition. I’m jealous that she could find a rich boyfriend even though she came from the countryside like me.”

Yin Wenzhi pinched her fingers, her nails almost breaking. Tears streamed down her face as she sobbed regretfully. “But I… I never wanted to steal her USB drive. I know this competition is important. I just want to establish myself in Beijing like her. I also want everyone to look at me with envy.

“I… I didn’t know the consequences would be so serious. I definitely wouldn’t do it if I had known that I would be expelled from school. No matter how much money I was given…”

She began to sob. The sound of her wailing was pitiful.

Liang Conglin could not sympathize with her.

Regardless of whether someone had instigated it, Yin Wenzhi knew that she was stealing something. People had to bear the consequences of what they had done no matter what the reason was.

He had just found the USB drive, but it had been destroyed by Yin Wenzhi. The contents must be gone.

What was he going to do with the rest of the competition?

And how should Jiang Xianrou be dealt with?

Was it really as Yin Wenzhi had said? Was it related to Jiang Xianrou?

How much was Jiang Xianrou involved, and who wanted to make a deal with Yin Wenzhi… These were all questions that needed to be investigated.

However, something Yin Wenzhi said while crying reminded him. He picked up the office phone on the table, took a deep breath, and dialed a number.

“Hello, Young Master Ye.”

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