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Chapter 1324: Caught in the Act!

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Because the movement was too big, a key-shaped thing fell out of her clothes bag and landed on the ground. It rolled to Song Tian’s feet.

Song Tian was shocked and subconsciously bent down to pick it up for her, confused. “What is this?”

Before she could see what was in her hand, Yin Wenzhi rushed over and snatched it back. “Don’t touch my things!”

Song Tian was shocked by her sharp voice. “What are you doing? I was just helping you pick it up…”

The other two girls in the dormitory heard the commotion and came out of the shower at this time. They asked, “What’s wrong? I heard a loud noise just now.”

Song Tian did not speak.

The girl saw the car key in Yin Wenzhi’s hand. “Could that be the key to a Bentley?”

The letter B was on the car key. It was easy to read.

Song Tian was also stunned. She took a look and indeed saw the letter B on the car key.

Why did Yin Wenzhi have the key to a Bentley?

She was stunned.

It was said that this car was very expensive. One cost at least a million yuan.

She knew that Yin Wenzhi’s family background was not good. It was said that her hometown was poor. She was the first person to enter Qing University and was still receiving the school’s subsidies for poor students. It was impossible for her to afford a Bentley…

She thought about it and suddenly realized that Yin Wenzhi seemed to be different from when school had just started recently. The cotton dress she used to wear was gone, replaced by all kinds of beautiful and fashionable clothes. There was also a new bag. A few days ago, Shen Bing had told her about Yin Wenzhi’s new bag from L. She had not thought too much about it… But today, it was the key to a Bentley…

“How did you get this car key?”

She didn’t have time to think about it when the principal and a group of school leaders appeared at the door of their dormitory. They knocked and looked at them, then asked politely, “Who is Yin Wenzhi?”

Half an hour later.

Liang Conglin held a damaged USB drive that he found in the trash can. He rubbed his forehead and looked at the very introverted and sensible girl standing in front of him. He asked in a low voice, “Why did you steal it?

“You’re also a top student in your department. I asked your Teacher Shen. The teacher said that you’re usually very good and didn’t believe that you would do such a thing. Why did you do this?”

Yin Wenzhi pinched her palms until her nails were about to break. Her face was as pale as paper when she looked up.

She glanced quickly at Liang Conglin and lowered her head again, saying nothing.

“I’ll ask you again. Why did you steal the USB drive?” Liang Conglin sat in a chair. His attitude was gentle, but he was by no means endlessly tolerant. He told her the consequences very directly. “You’ll only be expelled from school if you tell me. If you’ve been covering up for the person behind this, I’ll have no choice but to call the police and let them question you.”

Yin Wenzhi suddenly looked up, her eyes trembling violently. She said in a low voice, “Call the police?”

The worst she could think of was to be discovered by the school and be punished by it.

However, she didn’t expect to be expelled from school and even be reported to the police.

She had not expected the consequences to be so severe.

“What you stole is not ordinary. It concerns the country’s honor! Do you think this is a small matter? You’ve signed up for this competition yourself. You should know that this is our first time entering the finals of this competition. Many people have worked hard behind the scenes! You destroyed something just because you said so. Do you know how much effort and hope your actions have trampled on? Do you think you won’t be punished? Or do you think the school will treat you lightly?”

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