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Chapter 1323: Immediately Investigate Yin Wenzhi

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“Wait a minute.”

The security guard obediently hit the Space bar and the surveillance video playing on the computer paused.

Du Mingwei turned around and asked the person beside him in surprise, “Teacher Luo, do you know this person?”

The female professor looked at the girl on the monitor and shook her head in confusion. “I don’t think I’ve seen her before. She’s not a student from our department.”

Du Mingwei nodded, quite sure. “I’ve never seen this girl before, either. She’s not a computing student.”

After saying that, he pursed his lips. He was unwilling to guess the innocence of a student without evidence, but he still expressed his doubts implicitly. “Principal Liang, we only called a few people from the Computing faculty to help move things. This girl is not from our department.”

Liang Conglin was basically certain who stole the USB flash drive now. This was not a small matter. He nodded calmly and said to Du Mingwei, “Go and get one of the students who helped move the things in the afternoon.”

In the female dormitory of Qing University.

Yin Wenzhi still did not know that Principal Liang and the others had already found out about her. After she returned to the dormitory, she locked herself in the bathroom and did not come out for an hour.

The weather was as hot as a stove in summer, especially in Beijing.

In the evening, everyone wanted to change their clothes, take a shower, and go out for dinner.

But the bathroom had been occupied by her.

Yin Wenzhi did not come out for a long time. The people in the dormitory were already unhappy.

As soon as Song Tian returned, she heard Li Ran complaining. “She went in for a shower for an hour. I don’t know what she’s doing inside.”

“Forget it, forget it,” another round-faced girl advised softly.

Puzzled, she put down her bag and asked casually, “What’s wrong? Who’s been in there for an hour?”

The girls had not answered her when the door to the bathroom popped open.

Yin Wenzhi walked out with a cold expression. She ignored the three people in the dormitory, including Song Tian as she pulled out her chair and sat down expressionlessly.

Other than Song Tian, the other two girls were immediately angered. They rolled their eyes at her and couldn’t be bothered with her.

Song Tian was thick-skinned and did not care about Yin Wenzhi’s bad attitude. She asked with concern, “Didn’t you have a stomachache this morning? Did you take your medicine?”

Yin Wenzhi dug her fingers into her palms nervously and avoided her gaze when she heard her question. “I did. I’m fine now.”

“Is that so?” Song Tian noticed that her expression was unnatural. Her face was pale and her expression was tense. She looked away in confusion and said casually, “By the way, do you know about the Computing faculty losing something?”

“…” Yin Wenzhi’s face turned pale, and her lips trembled unconsciously. She even pretended to be calm and asked, “Did the Computing faculty lose something? I don’t know.”

“It seems like something very important has been stolen. The principal is checking the surveillance footage now. I wonder if they’ve found out who the thief is.” Song Tian took out the kettle from the cabinet and planned to make some barley water to drink. She had been bloated recently and wanted to drink some barley water to detoxify and lose weight. She blinked her almond-shaped eyes and smiled. “I wonder who’s so bold to steal in school. Doesn’t he know that there are surveillance cameras everywhere now? As long as they check the surveillance cameras, they’ll know who it was soon. That thief is really stupid~”

Yin Wenzhi’s mind buzzed. She stood up abruptly in great fear.


The chair made a loud noise when she bumped into it.

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