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Chapter 1322: Students Entered the Office to Move Things

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He made it sound so easy, but it was actually very difficult.

This was because Qiao Nian had spent a week working on this software. At noon, she had only perfected the last bit of code in the office.

The deadline for the software competition was imminent. Losing the USB drive at this time was undoubtedly equivalent to losing the qualifications to participate.

Liang Conglin could only brace himself and look for the thief.

In the security room of Qing University.

The principal and several school leaders were there.

The small security room was packed.

Du Mingwei was no longer as energetic as he had been at noon. He was so anxious that his eyes were bloodshot. He held his head and looked so guilty that he wanted to commit suicide.

“I placed the USB drive on the desk after Qiao Nian handed it to me. I went to look for it again after I finished talking to Teacher Luo, but the USB drive was already gone… I flipped the office over a few times, but I couldn’t find it… I searched the drawer and under the desk. I almost flipped the office over.

“But no… The flash drive is missing. I can’t find it anywhere.”

The other computer teachers had similar reactions. They all looked uneasy and stood on their toes like people who had made a mistake.

“We helped look, too. There’s no flash drive in the office.”

“… How can it disappear just like that?”

Principal Liang and the school leaders were calmer than them, especially Liang Conglin. He had seen a lot of the world, even though this was the first time he had encountered such a thing. He appeared very calm and said to the anxious teachers from the computing faculty, “Don’t be anxious. Let’s take a look at the surveillance cameras first. Think about it carefully. Other than you, who else has entered the office?”

Du Mingwei and the teachers looked at each other. Who had entered their office? This… Their office had always been open to the public. Students often came in and out to ask them questions. They couldn’t remember anyone suspicious for the moment.

Du Mingwei frowned and remembered something. “In the afternoon, a few students from the faculty came to the office to help move the teaching materials… but they left after moving the things… In addition, a few students came in halfway and asked about academics…”

Who was Liang Conglin? Before he could finish, he immediately caught the main point of his words and emphasized, “You said that students entered the office at noon to move things?”

Du Mingwei scratched his head in frustration as if he didn’t understand what was wrong. “A few students came in to move things, but we called them in to help.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

Liang Conglin did not speak. He only asked about the approximate time the students arrived and the time Qiao Nian handed in the USB flash drive and left.

He instructed the security guard in front of the surveillance camera with a solemn expression, “Bring out the surveillance footage at 12:30 noon. Let me take a look.”

“Okay, Principal.”

It was the first time the security guard had seen so many school leaders come to their small place. He nervously quickly operated the computer and pulled out the surveillance cameras at the time Liang Conglin had said.

Liang Conglin looked at the few students who had entered the office. He pointed at them and asked Du Mingwei and the others sternly, “Professor Du, see if there’s anyone strange among these students.”

What did he mean by strange?

Du Mingwei looked at the monitor. As he watched, he suddenly realized something was wrong. He frowned and called for security to pause the video.

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