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Chapter 1315: Opening the Door for the Police in Embarrassment

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Relying on his good relationship with Jiang Xianrou, Zhu Yuanhao touched the stud beside his ear and said awkwardly, “I found a few friends to celebrate you entering the Ninth Branch.”

“…” Jiang Xianrou looked at the people in the room with an even uglier expression. It was as if she had been slapped in public. Her throat seemed to be restrained by a big hand, and she could not make a sound.

She said nothing, but her reaction and expression betrayed her.

Even someone like Zhu Yuanhao, who was not very smart, could tell that something was wrong with her expression. He was instantly dumbfounded and said in surprise, “Miss Jiang, you didn’t pass the assessment?”

As soon as he said this, the others in the private room, no matter what they were doing, looked at Jiang Xianrou.

Tang Ning also put down her wine glass and looked in Jiang Xianrou’s direction with interest.

Well, had she really guessed correctly?

Jiang Xianrou had been showing off in Beijing for so long. Had she fallen badly this time?

“You really didn’t pass the assessment? This… this doesn’t make sense.” Zhu Yuanhao’s fat face was filled with shock and surprise. He even said loudly, “Miss Jiang, why didn’t you pass the assessment of the Ninth Branch? Didn’t you ask Master Wang and the others? I thought that with your strength, it would definitely not be a problem. I even gathered everyone to hold a celebration party for you. I thought that since we didn’t have a party last time, I’ll make it up to you this time… This…”

Fortunately, he explained anxiously, “Miss Jiang, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“It’s nothing.” Jiang Xianrou’s face was lost by his flattery. She didn’t expect Zhu Yuanhao to be so stupid.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that she was already very embarrassed. It was better not to explain under such circumstances.

After all, Jiang Xianrou had seen a big scene. She was embarrassed for a moment. Facing the room full of people who came to celebrate for her, she restrained herself and said, “I didn’t expect to fail. I heard that someone did something behind my back that led to this outcome.”

She took a deep breath and acted naturally. She smiled again and said, “No matter what, my failure to pass the test means that I still have room for improvement. It’s not like Master Cheng’s laboratory is only recruiting this once. I’ll just continue to work hard until next time.”

Zhu Yuanhao could tell that there was something behind her words no matter how stupid he was. He immediately frowned and asked her, “Who is it? Who’s behind this?”

Jiang Xianrou pursed her lips and shook her head. “Forget it. After all, we’re relatives. I don’t want to argue with her.”

Zhu Yuanhao instantly understood who she was talking about.

He immediately sneered and wanted to stand up for her. “So it’s her? Who does she think she is? Does she really think she’s from this circle? Damn it, she even dares to provoke Miss Jiang. She deserves to be taught a lesson!”

Jiang Xianrou did not seem to care. She even tried to persuade him. “Alright, I’ve already said that I won’t fuss about it. Forget it, I’ll just take the next exam.”

Zhu Yuanhao did not say anything. Seeing that Jiang Xianrou had been humiliated and even comforted him considerately, he felt even more upset. A ruthless glint flashed across his eyes.

Qiao Nian?

A bumpkin from Rao City.

Relying on her beautiful face, she thought that if she curried favor with Young Master Qin and was recognized as his godsister, she would be able to stay in touch with Master Wang and be part of their circle.

She even dared to provoke Miss Jiang. He felt that Qiao Nian deserved a lesson!

Zhu Yuanhao’s expression was dark, and he did not say anything about revenge.

However, in the corner, Tang Ning saw the strange expression on his face and couldn’t help but frown. She hesitated for a moment.

Just in case, she still sent a message to Zhang Yang.

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