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Chapter 1313: Back Off From Sister Nian in Her Territory

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After all, Jiang Xianrou was a friend who had played with their circle for so long. Bo Jingxing had always treated her as his sister.

At this moment, when he heard Jiang Xianrou apologize humbly, he did not make things difficult for Jiang Xianrou. He thought for a moment and said, “I’ll communicate with Qin Si in private.”

Jiang Xianrou’s embarrassed expression finally eased a little. “Thank you, Brother Bo.”

The next second.

Bo Jingxing’s next words froze Jiang Xianrou’s expression.

“Actually, Qin Si isn’t targeting you. It’s mainly because some of the things you’ve done recently are indeed a little too much. He has a bad temper and can’t stand sand in his eyes. He might not like some of your actions. Due to your gender, he can’t say anything about you directly, so he might as well ignore you.

“I’ll say it again. You have to think it through yourself. Don’t always go against Qiao Nian. Master Wang has already admitted to the public that Qiao Nian is his girlfriend. That’s enough. Everyone has a good reputation… If you insist on taking things too hard, you’ll only drift further and further away from Master Wang and the others. Think about it carefully.”

Jiang Xianrou’s eyes were crazy and scattered, and she almost couldn’t breathe.

Her face was burning from the slap. She did not understand why she had to retreat from Qiao Nian in her territory!

Jiang Xianrou held the phone tightly and used all her strength to control herself from sending it flying. She said gently, “I know. Brother Bo, don’t worry. I’ll think about it carefully.”

“Yes. I’ll help you talk to Qin Si. You’ve known him for so many years. As long as you understand, he probably won’t argue with you. It’s just that he’s been very close to Qiao Nian recently. Don’t provoke him anymore.”

She heard a door being knocked on. Perhaps he had something on, so he did not continue talking to her and hung up.

Jiang Xianrou waited for him to hang up and slowly put down her phone. She then turned around to look at the recruitment area… Master Cheng’s laboratory was clearly so close to her, but it was extremely far away at this moment, as if she could not reach it no matter how hard she tried.

Her face turned pale and she looked away indignantly.

Coincidentally, Zhu Yuanhao’s call came in at this moment. Jiang Xianrou walked out of the Ninth Branch with a cold expression. She answered the call coldly. “Hello?”

On the second floor of Lan Pavilion.

A group of rich second-generation heirs had booked a private room and decorated it beautifully. Ribbons floated in the private room, and the ground was filled with all kinds of flowers. It looked crowded.

A blonde instructed the waiter to set up the champagne glasses and asked Zhu Yuanhao for praise with a fawning expression. “Young Master Zhu, what do you think of my champagne glass? When Miss Jiang arrives later, we can immediately open a bottle of champagne and pour it down from above. The photos taken will be f*cking touching~”

Zhu Yuanhao praised him in satisfaction when he saw the triangular champagne glasses on the table, “Not bad!”

The blonde scratched his head in embarrassment. “…I wonder if Miss Jiang will like this design.”

Zhu Yuanhao looked like he was very familiar with Jiang Xianrou. He reached out and patted his shoulder with a smile. “Don’t worry. Miss Jiang will definitely like it. When the time comes, I’ll tell her that you came up with this idea. You’ll have a lot of benefits later…”

“Pfft.” In the corner, someone heard them and let out a very soft laugh.

However, her voice was very soft and she was hiding in a corner. Basically, no one noticed the mocking look in her eyes.

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