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Chapter 1312: Bo Jingxing: I Advise You Not to Daydream

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Jiang Xianrou’s face turned green and white. She gripped her phone so tightly that her fingernails almost broke. “You mean Master Wang??”

Her face was filled with disbelief and her voice trembled. “Why would Master Wang remove my name from the list?”

“You have to ask yourself that,” Bo Jingxing said calmly. “Think about what you’ve been doing recently. Did you provoke Miss Qiao again?”

Qiao Nian?

Qiao Nian again?

Jiang Xianrou’s eyes almost burst out from her glaring, and her fingers were white from using too much strength.

Seeing that she was silent, Bo Jingxing already had an answer in his heart. He sighed and said helplessly, “You know that Master Wang cares about Qiao Nian. Why do you have to provoke her? Xianrou, don’t tell me you still like Wangchuan?”

Jiang Xianrou’s thoughts that she had hidden for many years were exposed in an instant. On the surface, her face burned with shame and embarrassment. She bit her lip and asked softly, “I can’t like him? We’ve known each other for so many years. I know him better than Qiao Nian. I…”

Bo Jingxing listened to her agitated voice and interrupted her gently but forcefully. “Xianrou!”

“…” Jiang Xianrou suddenly shut her mouth with an embarrassed expression.

Especially since it was a new day for the Ninth Branch, many people were walking along the corridor. Their gazes always drifted in her direction when they passed by her.

Jiang Xianrou thought of how she had been removed from the recruitment list. Seeing the gazes thrown her way, she felt that those people seemed to be mocking her for being ridiculous!

That humiliation and embarrassment reached their peak!

She had never been so disheveled.

Bo Jingxing had something on today and was not at the Ninth Branch. He didn’t know that Jiang Xianrou was still there and had called him from the corridor.

Due to his relationship with Jiang Li and the fact that Jiang Xianrou was his biological sister, he said to her, “Xianrou, you should know that feelings are between two people. It doesn’t mean that you can like Master Wang unilaterally. If he had feelings for you, you would have been together after so many years. When has he ever been more than a friend to you?”

Jiang Xianrou felt as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water over her head. She felt cold from head to toe.

Her eyes revealed hatred.

She held the phone and pursed her red lips tightly.

Bo Jingxing couldn’t see her expression. He even tried to persuade her gently. “I’ve known Master Wang for so many years. I can tell that he treats you as his friend’s sister and has never meant anything else. His attitude towards you is completely different from how he treats Qiao Nian. Liking someone can’t deceive others. It’s about time for you to wake up. You and Qiao Nian are relatives, to begin with. Why do you have to make it difficult for everyone to meet?”

Jiang Xianrou took a deep breath and suppressed the jealousy and hatred surging in her chest. Her voice sounded quite calm. “Thank you, Brother Bo. I understand.”

Bo Jingxing thought that she had really figured it out and felt relieved. “It’s best if you can think it through yourself.”

“I know.” Jiang Xianrou’s face was expressionless, but her tone was generous and understanding. “I’ll adjust my mood. Perhaps I’m too concerned. I’ve done a lot of… bad things during this period of time. I regret doing that after what happened, but I can’t help it… Young Master Qin has been ignoring me recently. I…”

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