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Chapter 1311: Only Her Name Is Missing

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The Ninth Branch was not a place she could be impudent. Jiang Xianrou restrained her temper and looked very polite, but her tone was a little anxious.

“May I ask if you’ve found my name?”

“Your name is Jiang Xianrou?”

“Yes.” Jiang Xianrou was bright and beautiful. Her facial features were upright, and her every move exuded the aura of a young lady from a wealthy family. Her natural and unrestrained aura could easily arouse others’ favorability, especially when she put away the arrogance at the corners of her eyes and eyebrows. It was even easier to gain the favor of strangers. “I passed Master Cheng’s laboratory’s initial review previously and even received a message notification.”

She showed him the message.

The other party flipped through the assessment list in his hand and searched again.

From top to bottom, there was no sign of Jiang Xianrou’s name.

In the end, the person looked up at her helplessly. “I’m sorry, your name isn’t on the list.”

“How can that be?” Jiang Xianrou frowned and said anxiously, “Please check again.”

Seeing that she was so anxious, the man couldn’t bear to refuse. He called again and asked if the list was wrong.

The result was the same.

“I checked. This list is the list of candidates for this assessment. Your name isn’t on it, so you can’t participate in Master Cheng’s assessment. I’m sorry.”

Jiang Xianrou could barely breathe.

Half an hour ago, she had arrived at the Ninth Branch confidently to prepare for the interview, and now she was informed that her name was not on the assessment list.

She even called home and told Tang Wanru and Jiang Yao.

On the one hand, she was waiting for news at the Ninth Branch.

Seeing that the assessment was coming to an end, she wouldn’t have a chance if she didn’t go in. She refused to give up and asked again, but the result was still the same.

Her name was not on the list!

But she had clearly passed the preliminary hearing. How could her name not be on the list?!

The other party was only a small fry in charge of arranging the assessment order. Jiang Xianrou knew that it would be useless to continue asking.

She took a deep breath and walked out with a livid expression. She walked outside, found her phone, and found Qin Si’s number.

She hesitated for a second, then dialed.

Guessing that it was Qiao Nian’s doing, she had told Tang Wanru and Jiang Yao, but she wasn’t sure. In the end, she still had hope that the list was wrong.

Now that the assessment was about to end, she could no longer hold back her temper.

She had to ask!

The call went on.

Jiang Xianrou took a deep breath. Her heart raced and her red lips parted slightly. “Hello…”

The busy tone sounded on the other end of the phone. “I’m sorry, the user you called is busy and can’t answer your call for the time being. Please call again later.”

Jiang Xianrou was so angry that her face turned green. Her hand trembled so much that she did not throw her phone away. She closed her eyes and suppressed the anger in them. She found Bo Jingxing’s phone number and called him.


This time, the phone rang a dozen times. Just as it was about to automatically hang up, it finally connected.

Jiang Xianrou held her breath and immediately called out, “Hello, Brother Bo, it’s me, Jiang Xianrou. Do you have time? I want to ask you something.”

Silence ensued from the other end of the line.

Bo Jingxing was silent for a second.

Just as Jiang Xianrou’s heart was about to burst out of her chest, Bo Jingxing finally spoke. “I know what you want to ask me.”

He knew?

Jiang Xianrou opened her mouth. “The recruitment list for the Ninth Branch…”

“It’s Young Master Ye’s idea,” Bo Jingxing said cautiously. “He called yesterday and asked me to remove your name.”

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