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Chapter 128: Master Wang Is There to Support You

Shen Qiongzhi’s face turned pale.

Qiao Chen had a strange look on her face too. She forced a smile and gently said to the ladies, “The lecture hall in here.”

“Come here.”

Qiao Nian had arrived at the lecture hall and saw that Shen Hui was waving to them.

The lecture hall was huge and could fit over a thousand students. It was only used when the semester started and for graduation ceremonies.

It was the first time the lecture hall was being used for something other than those purposes.

Because of the lecture by the professor from Qing University, the school asked all the students to come for the lecture today.

Everyone from Year 1 to Year 3 was here. Each class had its own zones and each teacher was responsible for the seatings of their classes.

Qiao Nian was in Year 3 and was in the best class. Hence, she was seated near the front.

The three rows in front were meant for the school’s VIPs, then Qiao Nian’s class was next.

When Qiao Nian sat down, she saw Principal Yu bringing in someone from the outside.

The guy was wearing a black shirt. His sleeves were rolled up, showing his slender arms. The accessories on his arm were eye-catching. However, they were not as outstanding considering his handsomeness.

Why was Ye Wangchuan here?

When she sat down, the girls in the lecture hall started to talk about him.

“Wow, look at that hunk.”

“Is he a celebrity?”

“The principal is following him, he might be a VIP.”

“So dashing. He’s even more handsome than the boyfriend of the prettiest girl in the school. He’s like a model.”

Qiao Nian noticed that he was wearing the shirt that she got for him. Suddenly, he turned to look straight at her. It was as though he knew where she was all along.

They looked each other in the eye.

Qiao Nian could feel her heart racing.

She was starting to flush again.

She looked away immediately. Shen Qingqing pulled her and asked excitedly, “Nian Nian, was that guy looking at us just now?”

Qiao Nian wasn’t paying attention to her. She realized that her phone rang and she replied, “I was paying attention to him. He might just be looking in our general direction.”

“That’s true.”

Shen Qingqing was just interested in the hunk. Hence, when the hunk sat down in the first row, she couldn’t see him. She quickly moved onto other matters.

It was time for the lecture.

Everyone came under the guidance of the school’s managers.

The first three rows were full.

Qiao Nian saw that Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi were seated in the third row. Madam Fu was seated on the first row, but she wasn’t at the center.

He was the only person at the center of the first row. That must have been reserved for the city’s leaders.

Her phone rang again.

Qiao Nian checked her phone.

There were some messages.

They were mainly from Jiang Li, along with two messages from the Red Alliance. She replied to Red Alliance’s message first before looking at what Jiang Li sent her.

Jiang Li: [Nian Nian, Master Wang is there to support you. Have you seen him?]

Jiang Li: [I wanted to go as well. But the company isn’t allowing me. *sad face* I’m so upset.]

Jiang Li: [I want to attend the parent-teacher conference as well!]

Qiao Nian frowned. She saw that the lecture hall was filled to the brim with students. Where was the parent-teacher conference?

She replied to Jiang Li that she saw Master Wang already.

A message came out.

Ye Wangchuan: [Do you want to come over?]

Qiao Nian looked at him and then immediately replied.

QN: [No.]

She was direct like that!

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