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Chapter 1271: Your Sister Nian Shot a Hole

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Yin Wenzhi could tell that she had ill intentions towards Qiao Nian. Recalling the conflict between Jiang Xianrou and Qiao Nian at the school’s anniversary celebration, she mustered her courage and said in a low voice, “I saw a red sports car picking her up at the school gate today. The driver even sent her roses.”

Before Jiang Xianrou could speak, Jiang Yao frowned and said in a low voice, “You said you saw Qiao Nian get into a sports car?”

Xu Jishen had met the younger cousin of the Jiang family once with Jiang Yao. Although they were quite a distance away and did not speak, his intuition told him that the girl was not such a person. He spoke up for Qiao Nian. “Did you see wrongly?”

“I didn’t see wrong!” Yin Wenzhi’s pretty face was slightly pale, and her eyelashes were trembling, making her look especially charming. She bit her lip, and her expression was a little stubborn. She interrupted Xu Jishen and said firmly, “I saw clearly that the car wasn’t from Beijing. It had a foreign license plate. My friend and I saw her get into a red sports car. That car looked very expensive!”

To prove that she was not lying, she tried to recall the appearance of the car she had seen at the school gate at noon. She bit her lip and said, “I remember that the logo of the sports car had a bull on it.”

Whether it was Jiang Yao, Xu Jishen, or even Zhu Yuanhao and the others, all of them were either rich or noble. As soon as Yin Wenzhi mentioned the bull sign…

Instantly, a luxury car brand appeared in everyone’s minds—a Lamborghini.

Jiang Yao’s handsome face darkened and his grip on the car door tightened.

Lamborghinis were not cheap. The cheapest cost two million yuan, and a better model cost more than ten million.

How did Qiao Nian know someone who drove a Lamborghini?

He recalled that Yin Wenzhi said she had seen the driver give Qiao Nian roses. Qiao Nian had even accepted them… Then, he thought about his cousin’s striking appearance. Her face was incredibly beautiful.

He frowned and closed the door. He said coldly to Xu Jishen, “I’ll go to the parking lot to take a look!”

“Jiang Yao, there’s no need…” Xu Jishen wanted to stop him, but he could not.

Jiang Yao strode towards the parking lot of the clubhouse.

He only needed to go to the parking lot to see if there was a red Lamborghini with a foreign license plate.

In the shooting range of the Half Mountain Clubhouse.

Having changed into her shooting clothes, the girl was casually playing with the Beretta 92F as she waited for Jian Jin to finish firing her 10 rounds.

She flexed her wrist, loaded the gun, raised her arm, and fired ten times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All that could be heard on the firing range was a volley of gunfire.

The round ended.

Jian Jin looked at the new hole in the target 500 meters away. Her lips twitched fiercely as she saw the girl’s wildly cool figure. She silently shook out all the bullet cases in her gun, dropped the pistol on the table, and spread her hands. “I’m out. How am I supposed to play this if you play like this?”

After ten shots, eight of Jian Jin’s shots hit the bull’s eye ring, and the remaining two shots were within the 9-point ring. Logically speaking, this result was impressive enough.

But the other big shot was not playing with these rules.

Qiao Nian had fired all ten shots along the 6-point ring just now. However, every shot hit the exact same spot, penetrating the hole where the first bullet had passed through. She did not hit the bull’s eye for all ten shots, but this was arguably even more impressive.

There was no need to play on.

Qiao Nian casually tossed the pistol on the table in her usual cool manner. With her hands in her pockets, her expression was a little unruly. She then said with a hoarse voice, “I was just playing around.”

She had shot a hole in the target with ten shots, and she still said that she was just playing around?

What was worse was that Jian Jin knew very well that Qiao Nian was not lying. She was really just playing around.

Jian Jin’s eyelids fluttered again, and she reluctantly took off her shooting suit, revealing a black tank top. She led the way to the lounge. “Come on, Qiao. Let’s take a break.”

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