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Chapter 1263: Sister Nian, Hot Search Warning!

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Yin Wenzhi’s eyes were filled with the desire to compete with Qiao Nian. Her mind was already on integrating into high society. “I’m not going. My friend wants to eat with me.”

“But Professor Shen’s class is very difficult. Didn’t you go to the classroom in advance to reserve a seat in Professor Shen’s class in the past?”

Yin Wenzhi did not think much of it. She no longer had the arrogance of studying when school had just started. “It’s just a class. It’s fine if I don’t go.”

Seeing that she really did not plan to go to class, the other party said helplessly, “… Alright, then. Remember to get your classmate to apply for leave for you. Otherwise, your absenteeism score will be deducted in the final exam.”

“I know.”

Yin Wenzhi watched her leave.

Then, she slowly pulled out the contacts on her phone and looked around. After one round, she realized she didn’t have many close friends.

After hesitating, she found Song Tian’s WeChat and sent her a message. She lied and said that she was on her period and was not feeling well, so she asked Song Tian to help her apply for leave from Old Shen.

After the message was sent.

Yin Wenzhi returned to the school gate. She straightened the skirt of her dress and stood by the road, waiting for Zhu Yuanhao to pick her up.

On the other hand, after Jiang Xianrou sent the location of the meeting in the group chat room, she hesitated for a moment and found Zhang Yang’s WeChat.

After thinking for a moment, she sent him a message.

[Zhang Yang, I’ve passed Master Cheng’s laboratory’s first review. Everyone is organizing a celebration party for me. Do you want to come out and play?]

She saw that the message had been delivered.

The other party replied to her two minutes later.

Jiang Xianrou couldn’t wait to open the chat box. Looking down, her expression instantly turned ugly.

Zhang Yang replied to her very politely, but he was just too polite. He was just short of clearly writing the word ‘distant’.

[Tonight? I’m sorry, Miss Jiang. I have an appointment tonight. Have fun!]

Jiang Xianrou held her phone tightly and bit her lip. Her eyes kept flickering. After a long time, she took a deep breath and opened the group chat room.

Zhu Yuanhao and the others were all cheering. Zhu Yuanhao even said that he wanted to bring his new girlfriend over to play.

She looked at the series of teasing messages below. Everyone was asking who Zhu Yuanhao’s new girlfriend was.

Only Jiang Xianrou couldn’t be bothered to reply. Suddenly, she became disinterested, especially when she saw that Zhang Yang was the leader of the group and had become very close to Qin Si and the others recently. For example, Tang Ning and the others had not appeared in the group for some time. She felt even more upset.

Tang Ning and the others all followed her lead in the past.

But this group of people had all sided with Qiao Nian ever since Qin Si had scolded her twice in the group.

They changed sides so fast!

Frustrated, Jiang Xianrou exited the chatroom. Then, she sent Jiang Yao a message to tell him the good news.

She waited for her message to be sent successfully.

The next second, a new headline was pushed to her on the phone’s portal — “First time the country enters the World Software Competition finals. A girl from Qing University is like a dark horse, appearing out of nowhere!”

Jiang Xianrou’s heart seemed to have frozen as soon as she saw the headlines. Her hand trembled a little. Her fingers quickly flipped out of Weibo and logged in.

Because of her accident last time, many people on Weibo sent her private messages to scold her.

Jiang Xianrou did not look at the 99+ private messages in her mailbox and went straight to the trending searches.

Qiao Nian was already at the top.

# Qiao Nian, World Software Competition

The two related words were close together, and there were also the words [Explode]!

Jiang Yao called her before Jiang Xianrou could take a look…

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