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Chapter 1261: Coincidentally, Someone Saw Qiao Nian Get into a Sports Car

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Sometimes, Jian Jin did not understand what Lu Zhi was thinking. She had always been carefree and straightforward, so she did not dwell too much on this matter. She started the car with a smile and said, “Let’s not talk about him. We haven’t seen each other in a long time. Let’s go play.

“I know a club in Beijing that’s halfway up the mountain. The environment is very good. There are few people and it’s not that noisy. There’s also a golf course and an equestrian field. Are you going?

“We’ll play for a few hours. I’ll send you back later.”

Qiao Nian’s expression was casual. Her dark eyes were filled with an air of indifference as she replied, “I don’t mind. It’s up to you.”

Jian Jin was even more casual. “Then, let’s go.”

She stepped on the accelerator and started the car. In the blink of an eye, the red sports car disappeared on the road at the entrance of Qing University.

At the same time, not far across the road, Yin Wenzhi and her friend had just returned from buying books from a bookstore. On their way back, they saw Qiao Nian get into a red sports car. In the blink of an eye, the sports car disappeared.

Her friend pursed her lips and pointed curiously in the direction where the car had disappeared. “Zhi Zhi, the girl who got into the car just now was Qiao Nian, right?”

Yin Wenzhi hugged her book and replied expressionlessly, “I don’t know. I didn’t get a good look.”

She said she did not get a good look, but she hugged the book tighter.

Her friend did not see her abnormal expression and gossiped excitedly in her ear. “I saw her clearly. She seems to be your faculty’s renowned freshman. She’s super beautiful. Many boys in our class like her and often discuss her in private.”

There was some silence.

A trace of mockery flashed across Yin Wenzhi’s eyes. Her lips twitched, but she did not say anything. However, her eyes were filled with disdain.

Qiao Nian’s boyfriend’s car cost a few million yuan. In her eyes, ordinary boys were probably just paupers. She wouldn’t even bother to look at them. What was the point of them discussing her in private?

Her friend didn’t know what she was thinking as she clearly enjoyed talking about the coolest freshman on the faculty. “It’s not just the boys. Many girls like her, too. She’s quite cool. She played the electronic keyboard at the school’s anniversary celebration too well.”

The girl’s cheeks turned pink as she looked at Yin Wenzhi with sparkling eyes. She held her hands to her chest and sighed from the bottom of her heart. “Zhi Zhi, I’m so envious of you. You’re from the same faculty as Qiao Nian. It’s a pity that I’m a liberal arts student. Otherwise, I would have enrolled in the Chinese Medicine Faculty too!”

Annoyed, Yin Wenzhi frowned slightly and interrupted her. “You won’t be able to see her even if you apply to the Chinese Medicine Faculty. She doesn’t usually come to class. I’m not familiar with her.”

“I see. I thought you guys had a good relationship since you’re in the same faculty.” No matter how slow the girl’s reaction was, she could tell that Yin Wenzhi was not very friendly to Qiao Nian. She immediately shut her mouth and observed her friend’s reaction before cleverly changing the topic.

Her gaze landed on the bag she had brought over for revision. She asked curiously, “You bought a new bag?”

Yin Wenzhi’s mind was filled with thoughts of Qiao Nian. She was so upset that she kept thinking about the red sports car.

Although she did not recognize the logo, she could tell from the car’s design that it was not cheap.

Definitely a luxury car.

She felt tormented at this thought. She only reacted when her friend asked her a question. She subconsciously hid her bag and said vaguely, “Er… it’s a new bag.”

The girl was not as nervous as she was. She seemed to have a good personality. She leaned over and touched her bag, then immediately looked up and said, “Zhi Zhi, this bag of yours is a new model from Granny Xiang, right?”

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