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Chapter 1257: Someone Was Extremely Shocked and Nervous When They Saw Qiao Nian

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He faced the quiet oval face under the girl’s cap and silently suppressed his worries. Then, he reached out, patted the girl’s shoulder, and forced a smile. “Well, don’t feel too pressured!”

Qiao Nian looked up. Her eyes were dark, and there was a hint of light in them. She raised her hand and tugged at the brim of her cap again. Her voice was hoarse. “Yes.”

Qiao Nian entered the competition venue.

The teachers of the Computing Faculty gathered outside, almost like a hill.

They watched as Du Mingwei sent Qiao Nian in. After he returned, they immediately surrounded him.

“Professor Du, what did Qiao Nian say?”

“Did she look at the information we compiled for her? And did she watch all the videos of the past competitions?”

Du Mingwei fished a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, took one out, and lit it. A big man said against everyone’s pressure, “She said she saw them. Let’s just wait!”

He took a puff of his cigarette and looked at the screen that showed the results. He took a deep breath and continued in a deep voice, “We have no other choice other than waiting for the results. So, let’s wait together! We’ll wait for the results.”

The computing faculty teachers looked at each other and fell silent.

What he said was true.

This was the first time the country had been shortlisted for the group stage in this competition. They didn’t have any experience in this stage. Moreover, the student who advanced was not even from the Computing Faculty.

They could do nothing but wait for the results.

They would wait, then!

The group stage was online as well, like the qualifying round. There were four people in a group, and they were divided into four groups: A, B, C, and D. Only the first place in each group could enter the finals.

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The rules of this competition were almost the same as the preliminaries, but there were actually differences. For example, everyone could see the live broadcast of the preliminaries, but the group stage involved some core technology in the computer field. Therefore, unlike the preliminaries, the group stage would not be broadcast to the public.

Everyone could only wait for the final results.

In the arts building.

Other than the Qing University professors led by Du Mingwei, a few blond foreigners were also occupying one side of the building. They were also waiting for the results of the competition.

They all saw Qiao Nian, who had just entered.

Seeing the girl take her backpack in, they gathered together and muttered to each other.

“The person who went in just now is the representative of China this year? She looks very young.”

“And it’s a woman. What computing does a woman know!” someone said proudly, with the arrogance of a man who looked down on the local computing scene and women.

The others did not attack Qiao Nian’s gender, but they also disdained China’s computer technology. Hearing this, they sneered.

“They probably chose her at random.” The person who said this could not hide his arrogance. He spoke fluently in a foreign language. “I can only say that the quality of the people in this round’s qualifiers is too poor. They actually got into the group stage. But it’s nothing. The last person in Group C has been decided internally. It’s a good thing for us!”

They talked animatedly, but one person did not join in their discussion.

None of these people thought highly of China’s computer technology, nor did they think highly of Qiao Nian’s ability. With just a few words, they had already placed the last place on Qiao Nian’s head. It was as if they did not need to look at the final results. The top three might not be anyone, but the last place would definitely be someone from China!

Only one of them had a look of shock on his mature and handsome face. He looked in the direction the girl had gone in and opened his mouth several times. His lips trembled uncontrollably as if he was surprised, nervous, and afraid.

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