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Chapter 1256: Sister Nian: I Don’t Feel Anything

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Du Mingwei and the teachers from the Computing Faculty were already there when Qiao Nian arrived outside the arts building.

Du Mingwei heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that the girl had arrived on time. He quickly walked up to Qiao Nian, his lips pursed tightly. He hid his nervousness and asked, “Qiao Nian, how are your preparations?”

The other three people from the group competition had already arrived. They were all sitting in front of their computers. The staff had already checked their belongings. All that was missing was Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian would definitely be entering the venue soon.

Du Mingwei would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous.

After all, this was the first time that China had entered the group stage of the international software competition. Qiao Nian was under pressure, and so was he.

His cell phone was about to explode these days.

They were all people who had inquired about their group’s preparation progress.

Du Mingwei looked at the girl who had her hands in her pockets and couldn’t help but smile helplessly.

How could he know how prepared Qiao Nian was?

He had originally wanted to get the computer science teachers to team up and give Qiao Nian some knowledge about the competition. The principal had disagreed, saying that Qiao Nian did not need it.

Du Mingwei did not understand why Qiao Nian didn’t need it anymore. But since Principal Liang had personally spoken, he could only give up helplessly!

Qiao Nian walked over and handed her backpack to the security staff for inspection. The brim of her black duck tongue cap was lowered, covering her dark eyes that had not rested well. She looked quite wild.

“It’s alright.”

“It’s alright?” Du Mingwei was not sure how far she had gone in her preparations. He stood uneasily beside Qiao Nian and touched the bridge of his nose. He lowered his hand and asked, “Have you seen the competition videos I sent you?”

“I have.”

Du Mingwei saw that the girl’s expression was indifferent. He wasn’t sure if she had really watched them, but he instinctively believed that Qiao Nian would not lie. “What do you think after seeing them?”


Qiao Nian did not quite understand what he meant. She didn’t answer him immediately. Restraining the anger in her dark eyes, she raised her wrist and pulled down the brim of her cap. Then, she said slowly, “I don’t feel anything.”

Du Mingwei was speechless.

Don’t feel anything????

He felt even more uncertain. He didn’t know what Qiao Nian meant by that.

Du Mingwei stood beside the girl. He wanted to ask her to explain what she meant, but he was afraid of giving the girl too much pressure, so he endured it.

At the same time, the security personnel was checking Qian Nian’s backpack. They emptied it and realized that there were not many things inside.

Other than a cell phone and a pair of earphones, Qiao Nian had a pen, a bottle of chewing gum, and a notebook in her bag.

The security man flipped through her notebook.

The notebook paper was white and clean. It was basically unused. Only a few scribbled notes were written in a watercolor pen in the middle.

It looked like the beginnings of a musical score.

The girl’s handwriting was messy and casual, perhaps a little arrogant.

The security officer was not sure what was written in her notebook after reading it a few times. Thus, he silently confiscated the notebook and the cell phone.

Then, he put the remaining items back and returned them to Qiao Nian. “Alright, you can go in.”

Qiao Nian took the remaining items and turned to Du Mingwei. “Teacher Du, I’ll go in first.”

She was going in now?

Du Mingwei had mixed feelings and was completely uncertain.

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