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Chapter 1255: Sister Nian: Sorry, I Have More Than Enough

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Qiao Nian pretended not to see it. She didn’t delete Jiang Yao’s WeChat, but she had set up a message block.

Even though she did not delete Jiang Yao’s WeChat this time, she couldn’t be bothered to deal with these people!

However, Qiao Nian remembered something when she saw Jiang Yao’s message—Old Master Jiang was almost done with his pills.

She frowned slightly and realized that not only was Old Master Jiang’s medicine almost finished, but the little bun, Old Master Su… and the others were also running out of medicine.

Annoyed, Qiao Nian looked at the date. There were still a few days before the competition would resume.

She set the glass on the table and calculated the time.

There was enough time…

Qiao Nian was very busy for the next few days.

Sometimes, Gu San couldn’t even find her.

She left Rhine Apartments early in the morning and returned at night. Often when she returned, she would plunge into her room to continue her work.

She worked like this for a few days. On the day of the group competition, the tired girl came down from the second floor and casually threw him a bottle.

Her voice was hoarse and low. “Help me pass it to Master Cheng. Tell him that this is half a year’s worth. He can take less of it now.”

“Miss Qiao, this is…” Gu San looked at the bottle of white pills in shock.

Miss Qiao came up with another bottle!

He estimated the number of small pills in the bottle. There were about 10 of them. The black market would definitely explode if this number of pills was placed on it.

One had to know that the pills had been out of stock on the black market for a long time.

In the past, First Miss could still buy one pill for a seven-figure sum. Now, she might not even be able to buy a small pill made by Miss Qiao.

Buying this medicine on the black market was no longer a matter of money!

Nobody could buy it even with money.

He had been worried since Master Cheng’s medicine was almost finished, but he was too embarrassed to tell Qiao Nian about it. After all, Miss Qiao had been so busy recently. How could he have the cheek to get her to take time out of her competition to do all this?

He had asked Master Wang before, and Master Wang meant to buy it on the black market.

He was already prepared to search for the remaining pills on the market through various channels. He did not expect Miss Qiao to give him another bottle when he was already prepared to spend money to find them.

“Miss Qiao, is it okay to give all these to Master Cheng?” Gu San was still worried and turned to follow the girl.

“What’s the problem?”

Qiao Nian did not sleep the entire night. She walked to the fridge, opened it, took out a carton of milk, and poured herself a glass.

Yawning, she belatedly realized what Gu San meant and replied casually, “Oh. Yes, sure. Give it to him. I have some more.”

Gu San saw that the girl couldn’t even be bothered to look up. His lips twitched. He would have thought the pills were worthless if he had not known their value, that was why Qiao Nian said it so casually.

But the problem was that Miss Qiao knew how much this thing was worth.

Miss Qiao had even auctioned this thing on the black market before. It was obvious that she knew how much this bottle of medicine was worth.

She was not short of money!

Gu San was envious.

He held the eight-figure-worth pills that Qiao Nian had given him. Looking up, he wanted to say something but hesitated. There were a few times when he wanted to ask the girl, “Boss, are you still short of people? I think I can do it!”

But he held back silently.

Following Miss Qiao was really tempting, but Master Wang had helped him a lot. He couldn’t betray him for money.

Gu San entertained the thought but did not act on it. He watched as the girl finished the milk in her cup and prepared to leave.

He immediately followed her and said obsequiously, “Miss Qiao, are you going to Qing University? Let me drive you!”

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