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Chapter 124: It Was Authentic

Before Qiao Chen could reply, someone from Class B muttered, “If it isn’t fake, can she afford a real one?”

Shen Qingqing pulled Qiao Nian and then said, “Nian Nian, it’s fine. I’m alright.”

The bracelet was a gift from Qiao Nian. She treasured it whether it was genuine or not. She wasn’t worried about being made fun of. She was worried that Qiao Nian would be humiliated by Qiao Chen.

The students from Class B saw that and scoffed. “See, she admitted, and yet you’re still trying to defend her. There’s nothing wrong with owning fake goods. She can’t afford a real one, anyway. Hehe, sorry for seeing it wrongly. You can’t blame her for mistaking it for her own, right?”

After what she said, it was as though Qiao Chen was right for wrongfully accusing someone of stealing her bracelet.

Qiao Nian scoffed. She then stared at the girl who spoke and asked coldly, “Do you know Seven’s products so well?”

“I…” The girl was shocked by the sudden question and couldn’t answer.

She realized that she shouldn’t act this way.

She then defended herself. “Even though I have never bought their stuff before, I know that they are expensive. Shen Qingqing couldn’t have afforded it.”

“Heh.” Qiao Nian looked up and said, “You have never bought their products and you dare to say such things. By your logic, we don’t need verification. Big brands could ask you to verify for them.”

The girl was utterly humiliated.

“She’s been wearing fake goods all along. How could she suddenly afford genuine stuff all of a sudden?”

“Let me show you what’s a genuine Seven product.”

Qiao Nian walked over while holding onto Shen Qingqing’s hand. She then pulled up her sleeve to show the bracelet to everyone.

“Everyone knows that Seven’s products have a logo: the amulet at the button.”

Before she could finish, someone from Class B interrupted. “Logos can be faked as well.”

Qiao Nian looked at her and said, “There are fake goods for all Seven products. But they can’t fake a particular series.”

Qiao Chen knew what she was referring to.

Qiao Nian then said, “No one can fake their S series. This is because designer S has a habit of putting a logo on her designs. You can find her signature if you look at it properly.”

“But that can be faked too.”

Qiao Nian smiled. She then showed the S on Shen Qingqing’s bracelet to everyone.

She then placed it at 45 degrees under the sun.

The S logo became an N under the sun.

“Can you guys see it? No one can fake S’s products because they don’t know how to create this effect.” She then looked at Qiao Chen and scoffed. “Don’t you know S personally and even had a meal with her? You should know about this habit of hers.”

Qiao Chen’s face turned pale. She clenched her fists so tightly that they almost bled and bit down hard on her lips.

She couldn’t afford S’s designs. How would she know about this special way Seven used to verify the authenticity of their products?

The students from Class B turned pale as well.

No one would have thought that Shen Qingqing’s bracelet was authentic.

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