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Chapter 1221: I Have a Competition Three Days Later

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Qiao Nian was not good at expressing her feelings.

Her eyes darkened for a moment. It looked like she was just changing positions. She raised her wrist, picked up the cup, and put it down again. Her expression was still the same, but her voice was clearly a little huskier than before. “Yes, I know.”

Jiang Li was slightly relieved. “It’s good that you know. Don’t think too much. No matter what, there are people in the family who support you. You’re not alone.”

“…Mm.” Qiao Nian looked at Jiang Li and said in a casual but serious tone, “Brother, I have a competition in three days. Remember to watch it when you have time.”

“Nian Nian, what did you call me…” Jiang Li did not wait for the girl to answer him. He smiled, revealing a row of white teeth, and waved his hand. “Forget it, forget it. Don’t answer. I’m a little happy.”



Qiao Nian just called him Brother!

Nian Nian had always been on good terms with him, but to be honest, the number of times she called him Brother could be counted on one hand.

Not many times in all.

Moreover, when they first met, Qiao Nian restrained herself and forced herself to call him that once or twice.

Jiang Li was in a good mood and did not want to think about Jiang Yao and Jiang Xianrou anymore. He looked at the girl with sparkling eyes and asked, “In three days, right?”

A little embarrassed, Qiao Nian picked up her teacup and covered her mouth uncomfortably. “Yes, there’s a software competition in three days. I’ve signed up for it.”

“I have a job that day. I’ll be shooting the cover for a magazine.” Jiang Li didn’t even ask Qiao Nian about the level of the competition. Whether it was important or not, he immediately reached for his cell phone. While talking to Qiao Nian, he had already sent a message to his manager to ask him to free up that day.

Second Young Master Jiang was the young master of the entertainment industry.

He had just accidentally become a top celebrity.

He sent a message to his company and willfully tossed his cell phone on the table. “Okay, I told them I’m not going.”

He was so fast that Qiao Nian didn’t even have time to stop him. Seeing his ferocious movements, the corners of her mouth twitched. “Three in the afternoon.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s an online competition, you can watch it on your computer. I’ll install an app for you then,” Qiao Nian said calmly.

There was no venue for the World Software Competition’s qualifying rounds.

Only after passing the qualifiers and obtaining the qualifications for the group stages would they go offline to compete.

The qualifying round was held online.

The organizers would prepare a special room with a prepared professional computer and nothing else except programming software.

In addition, special staff would monitor you to prevent you from carrying external software.

Security cameras would be installed in the room, too!

Anyone who tried to cheat would immediately be caught.

In short, the World Software Competition was a world-class competition. The offline competition was strict even if it was just a qualifying round.

“You’re talking about live-streaming the competition on the computer?”

Jiang Li was in the entertainment industry, not the technology industry. He did not understand what Qiao Nian was saying at all. He was dumbfounded.

Why didn’t they book a venue for the competition? Did they not set up a venue for spectators to buy tickets to watch it?

Qiao Nian guessed that he did not know the specifications of the software competition. She nodded and did not elaborate. “Sort of. 16 people will compete together and one will get through to the next round.”

Jiang Li looked like he had seen a ghost. “Choose one out of 16 people? Damn, they’re so ruthless.”

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