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Chapter 122: Qiao Chen Must Apologize

Shen Qingqing was worried they would continue to accuse her. She turned and said to Qiao Nian, “Nian Nian, don’t care about them. They’re a bunch of lunatics.”

As she expected.

The girl then said proudly, “Have you heard of Seven?”

“Hehe, the bracelet is from Seven, and it’s worth a few hundred thousand yuan. You can only get it by reservation. Chen Chen’s mom bought it for her birthday. You should hand it over, else we’re calling the cops.”

Qiao Nian looked at them.

A few hundred thousand yuan wasn’t expensive for a Seven product. It must have been one of the cheaper designs.

The ones she designed were limited edition and would cost millions.

Some of them might even cost hundreds of millions.

It was rare for her to design one worth just millions!

As they argued, Shen Qingqing was the most agitated. Her spit flew, and they started to get physical.

Suddenly, Qiao Chen screamed.

“That bracelet…”

Everyone looked at Shen Qingqing’s arm.

Shen Qingqing was wearing a silver bracelet today. However, it would be hidden by her sleeves, so it wasn’t obvious when she didn’t raise her hand.

Only when she raised her hand did Qiao Chen see that the bracelet was from Seven as well.

“That’s mine.”

Qiao Chen quickly walked towards her and held Shen Qingqing’s hand. She then pulled up her sleeve to have a closer look at the bracelet.

When she saw it, she was shocked.

Shen Qingqing then realized what she was doing and struggled to get out of her grip. Flushed from anger, she screamed. “What are you doing? Why are you holding my hand? That’s the bracelet Nian Nian gave me, don’t you spout nonsense!”

Qiao Chen’s friends thought that she found the lost bracelet and attacked her. “Oh, so Qiao Nian stole the bracelet and gave it to you.”

“You… You guys are full of nonsense.” Shen Qingqing was so angry that she stuttered.

Nian Nian gave this to her when school just started. Qiao Chen had only just lost her bracelet, why would it be this one?

Qiao Nian walked over and put her hand on Shen Qingqing’s shoulders to calm her down. She then looked up Qiao Chen coldly and asked, “You have seen enough. Is this your bracelet?”

Qiao Chen bit on her lip. She was embarrassed.

Taking a good look at it, the bracelet on Shen Qingqing’s wrist wasn’t hers. It had a small “S” signature.

S would sign on the products that he designed himself.

Hers was just a normal product from Seven.

Qiao Chen took a deep breath. Shen Qingqing couldn’t afford a bracelet designed by S and wear it so casually.

It must be a fake.

But she did make a mistake. Humiliated, she replied, “No, it’s my mistake.”

Qiao Nian continued to stare at her. As Qiao Nian was taller, Qiao Chen felt the pressure. Qiao Nian then continued, “Qiao Chen, I have no idea where your bracelet is. But this has nothing to do with me. I can look past the fact that you led a bunch of people to create such a big ruckus. But, you must apologize to Shen Qingqing, or else I’m telling this to Principal Yu.”

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