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Chapter 1219: You Said She Got Someone to Develop This Software?

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Jiang Xianrou pursed her lips in disdain and said with a cold gaze, “What kind of software does she know? She definitely asked Qin Si and the others for help and found someone to develop it for her.”

Jiang Yao was a little surprised. “You said that she got someone to help her with the competition software?”

“Where else would a high school student from Rao City go to learn software development?” Jiang Xianrou was in a bad mood. She fiddled with the coffee cup on the table, knocking it loudly. She didn’t want to hide her disgust for Qiao Nian at all. “Brother, just watch. She just wants to show off.”

She was waiting for the day when Qiao Nian would fall from her high pedestal!

Jiang Yao’s impression of his cousin was formed because Tang Wanru and Jiang Xianrou would mention Qiao Nian’s actions to him from time to time.


He had no ill intentions towards her. In fact, he had always treated Qiao Nian as family. It was just that he could not stand her actions.

At this moment, he felt a strong disgust for his cousin whom he had yet to officially meet upon hearing Jiang Xianrou’s words.

The World Software Competition was such an important competition!

This not only concerned her personal honor, but also the country’s honor. How could Qiao Nian do such a thing?

Jiang Yao frowned and stopped talking. He did not reply to Jiang Li’s message about having dinner with Qiao Nian another day.

At night.

Qiao Nian had dinner with Su Huaiyuan and called Jiang Li along.

The dinner venue was a restaurant in the hotel where Su Huaiyuan was staying. The guests were all happy with the meal.

After all, Su Huaiyuan was old and had taken a few hours to fly over. During dinner, he forced himself to chat with Qiao Nian.

After dinner, he quickly became dispirited. Qiao Nian asked him to return to his room to rest. They would meet again another day.

She was in no hurry to leave after Su Huaiyuan left. After asking the waiter for another cup of tea, she rested her fingers on the teacup and looked up at the person who had been distracted all night. “Where are you going next?”


Jiang Li spent all night on his cell phone.

Hearing the girl talk to him, he looked up from the phone and met the girl’s clear black eyes. He looked away in a sorry state. “Me? I’ll go back to my apartment.”

Jiang Li took a deep breath and mustered his courage. He looked at the girl in front of him and asked with concern, “What about you, Nian Nian? Are you going back to stay with Master Wang?”

“Mm.” The tea leaves in Qiao Nian’s teacup floated up and down. She calmly picked up her teacup and took a sip, then said, “Gu San will pick me up later. Do you want me to send you back?”

Jiang Li’s celebrity status meant that it would be inconvenient for him to take a taxi. It would be very troublesome if he was recognized. He was afraid that he would drink tonight and so did not drive here.

Qiao Nian glanced at her cell phone. It was already 9:30 PM.

It was too late for Jiang Li to call his manager to pick him up.

She looked up and said warmly, “I’ll ask Gu San if you want.”

Jiang Li listened to her natural voice and looked at the girl’s cold expression. In fact, she was hiding her concern for him. He felt uncomfortable.

Jiang Li pursed his lips and touched the lighter in his pocket. He wanted to smoke. Then, he looked at the girl sitting opposite him. She looked listless. He silently took his hand off the lighter. “Nian Nian, I’m sorry.”

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows.

What was wrong with him?

Jiang Li was someone who couldn’t hide anything. He told her everything.

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