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Chapter 1217: Tired of Such Lowly Means

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He threw the phone on the desk, his handsome face showing disgust and contempt.

The new number used by the other party did not reveal its name.

But he knew who had sent him the message—Yin Wenzhi!

The girl from the Chinese Medicine Faculty who was nominated with him.

The other party thought that she was smart enough to buy a new phone number online and send a message to hide her identity. In fact, she was just ignorant.


For people like them, they could find her as long as they paid someone to check the IP location of the message.

However, Fu Ge did not want to care this time.

He was getting tired of people like Yin Wenzhi.

It was as if he was playing with the people around him like they were fools. Actually, he did not know that he was the fool in the eyes of the people around him!

He switched on his computer.

He just wanted to look up information online.

Unexpectedly, the portal happened to give him a headline.

[A dark horse emerged from the World Software Competition. An 18-year-old girl created new scientific research results!]

Fu Ge frowned and clicked on the news item.

He entered the website and took a look. On it was a detailed introduction of what the World Software Competition was like. Immediately after, it was written that the organizing committee had released Qiao Nian’s software on a professional website half an hour ago. The downloader Qiao Nian made was faster and smaller than the ones on the market.

Fu Ge took a deep breath.

He opened the website and entered the website mentioned in the news. Then, he saw the software that Qiao Nian had created.

He downloaded it and tried it.

Three minutes later, Fu Ge took his hands off the keyboard and covered his eyes with one hand. He looked disheveled for the first time!

He was wrong.

Really wrong.

Why did he think that Qiao Nian was inferior to Qiao Chen back then?!

Before seeing the software that Qiao Nian had submitted, he could still lie to himself that the matter might really be as Yin Wenzhi had told him in the message. Qiao Nian had been able to win the competition purely because of Ye Wangchuan’s connections.

However, he realized that he was wrong after trying the software that Qiao Nian had created.

Qiao Nian had won generously!

She had crushed them with her strength and obtained the only spot!

Fu Ge uncovered his face and smiled again after a moment of bitterness.

Before he returned to the dormitory, he bumped into Wen Ziyu, who had rushed out downstairs. Wen Ziyu was on the phone with someone and seemed to be in a very bad mood.

At this moment, he deeply understood why Wen Ziyu was in a bad mood.

Like him, he probably realized that he would never be able to catch up to Qiao Nian in this lifetime!

However, Fu Ge smiled and clenched his fists again. He suddenly couldn’t laugh anymore.

Wen Ziyu had never managed to woo Qiao Nian. He had picked up the seed and lost the watermelon.

The self-deprecating smile on Fu Ge’s face disappeared completely in an instant. He sat back in his chair and returned to his expressionless state.

Zhou Yang looked at him and couldn’t help but whisper to the others, “Crazy, crazy. Young Master Wen has just gone crazy, and another one has gone crazy here.”

But Fu Ge wasn’t listening to a word.

Yes, he was crazy. So what if he was? There was no medicine for regret in this world. He wouldn’t have a chance to regret it.

Meanwhile, at Lan Pavilion.

Jiang Xianrou’s expression darkened when she saw the news online that Qiao Nian had been chosen to participate in the World Software Competition.

“What are you looking at?” Jiang Yao noticed that she didn’t look well, as if she had encountered something difficult.

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