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Chapter 1203: The Big Boss of the Tian Chen Corporation Is Here

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He was stunned for a moment and quickly caught up to the man in front. “Master Wang, Sister Qiao is here too.”

Ye Wangchuan was also wearing black today. His figure was slender and well-proportioned. Black did not look out of place on him at all. Instead, it made him look even nobler.

Hearing this, he turned around and saw the girl in the queue.

His eyes narrowed. In this situation, it was not convenient for him to go over and greet her. He could only find a corner and wait for Qiao Nian to finish paying her respects.

The queue moved quickly.


It was Qiao Nian’s turn not long after.

She stood in front of the photo and watched as the old man looked at the camera. His eyes were wise and determined. She thought of the small notebook he had handed her before he left and the long list of names in it. She felt quite sad. She first bowed three times solemnly and then offered a fresh bouquet of white chrysanthemums in silence.

The white chrysanthemums looked as if they had just been picked.

They still had dew on them.

It stood out in the pile of chrysanthemums.

After Qiao Nian put down the chrysanthemum, she straightened her back and no longer lingered to offer her condolences. She let the people behind her continue.

Qin Si was dumbfounded as he watched the girl bow and offer flowers. He couldn’t help but say in a low voice, “This is the first time I’ve seen Big Boss lower her head.”

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes darkened. “Old Master Wei is worth it.”

“…” Qin Si glanced at him and saw a look of understanding.

Looking at Qiao Nian, who wasn’t wearing a baseball cap today, he seemed to understand something and didn’t say anything else.

Of course, Old Master Wei’s life was worth it.

However, he didn’t expect Sister Qiao to know these things at her age. Young people nowadays rarely paid attention to these things. Sister Qiao usually didn’t seem convinced by anyone. He didn’t expect her to bow three times in Old Master Wei’s mourning hall. She looked more serious than everyone else.

That was what he was thinking when a sudden commotion broke out outside.

Qin Si frowned. Annoyed, he stuffed his hands into his pockets. “What’s going on outside? Why are they suddenly arguing? Could it be that Wei Ying and the others are causing trouble again?”

After he found out from Qiao Nian about Old Master Wei’s will, he quickly went home and told his family that Wei Mingxuan knew about the will.

As for whether Wei Ying knew, he did not know.

However, Wei Ying had never been easy to deal with. When Old Master Wei was around, he felt guilty towards her. Wei Ying was almost invincible in Beijing.

The children he raised were also like little tyrants.

The family had no upbringing at all.

It was not impossible for Wei Ying to cause a scene in Old Master Wei’s mourning hall.

After all, this family could do it!

Qin Si pricked up his ears and listened to what was going on outside.

“People from Tian Chen Corporation are here.”

“I think it’s Lu Zhi.”

“The rumored boss behind Tian Chen?”

“This person has been in the illegal district, right? He’s as mysterious as Sun of the Red Alliance. I didn’t expect him to be so young.”

Qin Si was also from the Ninth Branch, so he knew more than others.

Hearing “Tian Chen” and “Lu Zhi”, he immediately perked up and carefully asked the man beside him, “Why is Lu Zhi here? Is he friends with Old Master Wei?”

“I don’t know.” Ye Wangchuan’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

Lu Zhi was a shrewd person. He could be said to be able to cover the sky with one hand in the illegal district. It was not a problem for him to be called the King of the illegal district.

Tian Chen was an international corporation. It did both legal and black business, so it had more business on the surface.

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