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Chapter 1201: How Dare She Come!

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Two days later, at Old Master Wei’s funeral.

Everyone who was supposed to be in Beijing was here.

The entrance of the Wei residence was filled with all kinds of cars. The license plate number of each car was extraordinary.

The Wei family, including Wei Ling and Shen Jingyan, were all wearing black suits. They stood at the door solemnly to welcome the people who came to pay their respects.

Wei Ying stood beside Wei Ling and was supported by her. She looked sad. Her eyes were red from crying, and her expression was haggard.


Except for her daughter, Wei Ling, and her son-in-law, Shen Jingyan, everyone in the family treated her strangely.

It seemed contemptuous and unconsciously distant.

No one else was willing to stand together with her.

Everyone seemed to have agreed to stay away from her.

Wei Ying stood on the left. There was nothing behind her, and only Wei Ling and Shen Jingyan stood with her.

Wei Mingxuan stood on the right. Other than Wei Lou, the Wei family’s relatives were all standing together.

In comparison, the difference was even more obvious.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Old Master Wei had left in a hurry, but the Wei family seemed to have already chosen their future successor.

Everyone was smart enough to know which way the wind would blow in the future.

All the guests who came to pay their respects first went to comfort Wei Mingxuan. When they passed by Wei Ying’s family, they went in after exchanging a few pleasantries.

Their priorities were obvious!

Their attitudes differed greatly.

Wei Ying gritted her teeth and pinched her palm with all her might. If not for Wei Ling supporting her, she would have been so angry that she could not stand.

However, today was Old Master Wei’s funeral. As a direct descendant of the Wei family, she had to survive today no matter what.

Especially after what happened at the hospital that day, she had lost all face in the Wei family. She was already very glad that Wei Mingxuan did not publicize this scandal. How would she dare to provoke her brother at this time and cause trouble at their father’s funeral?

Wei Ying had been forcing herself not to flare up. It was difficult for her to hold it in, and she could barely maintain the peace on the surface.

Until the girl’s restrained and arrogant figure appeared in her vision.

Wei Ying’s indifferent face instantly twisted. She gritted his teeth and whispered, “She still dares to come!”

Shen Jingyan pulled her back when he saw that his mother-in-law was about to flare up. He shook his head and said, “Mom, Nian Nian is also here to pay her respects. Please don’t make a fuss today. Otherwise, it won’t be good for us.”

Wei Ying took a deep breath and pursed her thin lips without saying anything.

Then, she saw that her brother had changed from his calm and capable appearance. He walked towards the girl and said warmly, “Miss Qiao, you’re here.”

Qiao Nian was not wearing a cap today. She was wearing a black sweater and matching canvas shoes. Hearing this, she nodded and greeted the man. “Uncle Wei.”

Wei Mingxuan remembered that if Qiao Nian had not acted righteously in the hospital three days ago, he might not have been able to see his father for the last time. His expression became exceptionally gentle as he patted the girl’s shoulder and asked worriedly, “Isn’t it school time today? Will it affect your studies?”

“Not so bad.”

Qiao Nian’s eyelashes were drooping, dark, and restrained. “I don’t have class this morning.”

“Yes.” Wei Mingxuan nodded. His strong facial features were well-defined, and his nose bridge was high and straight, giving off a sharp feeling. However, his attitude towards Qiao Nian was very friendly, as if she was an elder he had known for many years and he couldn’t stop worrying. “It’s good that it didn’t affect your studies.”

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