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Chapter 120: Do You Know When the Professor From Qing University Is Coming?

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Liang Bowen had accepted Qiao Nian since Shen Qingqing’s incident. He immediately pulled her in and wiped her tears. He then asked her to stop crying.

He then told Qiao Nian, “Sister Nian, Qiao Chen has been really high-profile when you weren’t around. I’ve heard that the professor from Qing University is coming today. Have you seen her?

“She’s wearing clothes from Seven to get his attention.”

Liang Bowen was rich too, so he could recognize the brands that his classmates couldn’t.

He knew how expensive Qiao Chen’s skirt was.

Someone would have worn the same thing for a red-carpet event.

Chen Yuan scoffed. “That’s her style, right? She has always been like this. She’d be high profile when there was an opportunity to do so.”

Just that she would pretend to be low-profile and act like she didn’t care.

But secretly, she craved attention.

Everyone in the Qiao Family was just like her: vain.

Someone then continued, “I knew that her skirt wasn’t normal. Why would someone wear a skirt like that to school? It’s for the Qing University’s professor, after all.”

“Even though she tried so hard, she’s nowhere as attractive as Sister Nian. She always calls herself the prettiest artiste online. She even paid for someone to say that she’s the prettiest girl from First High School in the decade. Such a shameless act! The reason she was voted as the prettiest was that Sister Nian wasn’t studying here back then. Else, that’d be impossible for her.”

Jiang Tingting initially fought with Qiao Nian because of the arguments between the two classes. However, since Qiao Nian had won the argument by getting first place in the examinations, she started idolizing Qiao Nian and would support her in everything.

She was a loyal supporter of Qiao Nian.

“That’s right.”

There were people not good at studying in every class. That included Jiang Tingting and her close friends. When she spoke, her other friends agreed with her.

“Qiao Chen is touching up her make-up all the time. Yet she pretends that she’s bare-faced. She can only fool guys, every girl can see that she has foundation on. She even drew her brows and used lipstick.”

Jiang Tingting hated Qiao Chen even more and said angrily, “Senior Fu Ge must be blind. I want to start a Kickstarter to raise money to treat his eyes. Why is he attracted to Qiao Chen and why did he ask his professor to support Qiao Chen? He’s too good for her!”

Liang Bowen glanced at Qiao Nian and said, “I’m curious whether he’s blind as well.”

Why would he be interested in Qiao Chen and not Sister Nian?

He was a guy as well. It was obvious to him that Sister Nian was a hundred times better than Qiao Chen.

The bad thing was that she isn’t from a rich family and wasn’t related to the Qiao Family. Else, with her capabilities, Qiao Weimin wouldn’t have treated her so coldly and even thrown her out of the house.

He sighed and thought that it was such a pity.

However, he accepted that this was out of his control as well. Even though he felt sorry for her, Qiao Chen was still the real daughter of the Qiao Family!

Qiao Nian listened as they chatted. When she realized that their conversation wasn’t ending, she put down her stuff. She looked up and asked, “Do you know when the professor from Qing University is coming?”

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