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Chapter 118: Slap to Qiao Chen’s Face

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“Chen Chen, I was about to ask just now, is this dress from Seven?” One of the girls around Qiao Chen asked enviously.

Qiao Chen lowered her head as if she was feeling shy. She said gently, “Mm, do I look weird wearing this?”

“Why would you look weird? You look so good in it. I think you’re the only person in First High School who can pull off Seven’s outfits.”

This person was obviously a fan of the Seven brand and valued it a lot.

“Their designs are very creative, especially the products of their resident designer S. Most people aren’t able to pull it off.”

“I absolutely love S’s designs. I plan to major in Design when I’m in university, and I really hope to see him in person someday. Until now, nobody knows whether S is a man or a woman, or whether that person is fat or skinny. I feel like S is a man, though. The designs are simple and minimalistic and never have too many miscellaneous elements. The colors are also extremely bold. In any case, female designers don’t usually come up with such designs.”

Her designs were very manly?

Qiao Nian raised a brow.

Her designs were simple because she didn’t like doing troublesome things, including drawing troublesome designs.

What did liking simplicity have to do with gender?


Couldn’t women design simple stuff too?

Qiao Chen and her friends did not notice her as they tried to curry favor with Qiao Chen.

“Isn’t Chen Chen’s family very close to the Seven’s parent company, Cheng Feng Corporation? Ask her if she’s seen S before.”

The moment this was said, the few girls turned towards Qiao Chen. The girl who liked the Seven brand looked even more obsessed with her.

“Chen Chen, you’ve seen S in person?”

Qiao Chen’s expression stiffened as she lowered her gaze. “I-I did.”

She had never seen that legendary designer from Seven before. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to meet that person, but that she had been ruthlessly rejected even when she got her father to ask on her behalf.

The designer hadn’t even been willing to add her on WeChat.

But it wasn’t a big deal to exaggerate things a bit. In any case, these people would never get a chance to go to Cheng Feng Corporation, much less meet that genius designer.

Qiao Chen exhaled and calmed down, immediately feeling more confident of herself.

“You’ve met S before? Is S a guy or a lady? How old is S? I feel like ‘he’ should be quite young, since ‘his’ designs aren’t as regulated or dull as the renowned older designers…”

Qiao Chen smiled and appeared sensible. “I’m sorry, it’s not convenient for me to reveal this.”

“Ah, you can’t even say whether it’s a man or a woman?”

Qiao Chen feigned a guilty expression and said quietly, “S doesn’t want his or her gender to be known, so I shouldn’t be saying it either.”


Qiao Nian looked at her pretense and felt as if she was watching a clown. As she walked past them, she said casually in her slightly hoarse voice, “It’s a lady.”

Qiao Chen hadn’t seen Qiao Nian in half a month. Qiao Nian looked even more beautiful than before she got injured, and her aura was more attractive too.

Her rebellious and cool vibe was so alluring.

Qiao Nian clenched her fist and retorted, “What lady?”

Qiao Nian had already passed them, but upon hearing the question, she stopped. She turned around and glanced at Qiao Chen coldly. “The S person you’re talking about, she’s a lady.”

What was Qiao Nian trying to do? She had just declined to reveal S’s gender, and here Qiao Nian was claiming that S was a lady.

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