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Chapter 1155: What Others Have, Our Nian Nian Must Have It Too

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Qiao Nian frowned and calculated her schedule after school started. After confirming that she had time, she replied to the other party’s message and agreed to help write the theme song.

She had just replied to Wen Ruxia’s message when she heard Old Master Jiang call her.

Qiao Nian put away her cell phone and walked towards him. “What’s the matter, Grandpa?”

“Yes.” Old Master Jiang reached out and patted the back of the girl’s hand lovingly. “Are you free in the afternoon? I’ll take you to the mall to buy some clothes.”

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes. She had no interest in shopping, but she couldn’t bear to refuse upon seeing Old Master Jiang’s excited expression.



“I know you don’t like it, but girls still have to buy more pretty clothes while they’re young. Your cousin has her own walk-in wardrobe with many clothes and bags. I haven’t bought you anything since you came back.”

Old Master Jiang looked at her nonchalant expression and sighed. He felt quite uncomfortable talking about this and even felt a little guilty.

“What others have, our Nian Nian has to have too. Do you have time in the afternoon? If you do, let’s go shopping while the weather is good.

“We’re just going to walk around. See if there are any clothes you like. We’ll buy them if there are any. We won’t buy anything if you don’t like them, okay?”

Qiao Nian placed her pale hands in her pockets. She looked at Old Master Jiang, who looked like he was coaxing a child, and pursed her lips helplessly. She was about to agree when, suddenly, her cell phone rang.

Qiao Nian frowned and said to the expectant old man, “Wait a minute, I have to take this call.”

Old Master Jiang nodded lovingly. “It’s fine. You can take it. There’s no hurry.”


Qiao Nian took out her cell phone and looked at the caller ID. She was clearly surprised.

Why would Wei Lou call her?

She stepped aside with her cell phone in hand.

Old Master Jiang spoke to Jiang Zongjin next. “You too. A man like you doesn’t know how to care about his daughter at all. How long has Nian Nian been in Beijing? You’re busy with work all day long, and I don’t see you taking her out to buy some clothes and bags. All you think about is bringing her to eat and drink. Don’t girls like beautiful accessories and shoes the most? You, I don’t even know what to say about you! After this family separation, Nian Nian only has you left. If you still don’t care, will you be able to face her mother? Will you be able to face Ji Qing?”

Jiang Zongjin was already in his forties. After being scolded by his father on the road, he did not dare to say a word and felt quite aggrieved. “The previous projects were very important. I…”

“Is the project more important than Nian Nian?” Old Master Jiang couldn’t listen to him. He put on a stern face and said, “If it weren’t for the fact that I’m already halfway to death’s door, I wouldn’t need you to take care of Nian Nian. I’d take care of her myself! I don’t need you useless things! As a father, you’re even less useful than Jiang Li!”

Jiang Zongjin was speechless.

After Old Master Jiang finished scolding, he frowned and changed his attitude. He suddenly lowered his voice and said softly, “You’re the one who wanted to split up the family. You know our family’s situation. All these years, you haven’t been in charge of the family’s matters. If you split up with the second branch at this time, it’s equivalent to… leaving this circle.

“You’re my son. I know your temper. You don’t care about these things, but have you considered that Nian Nian is still young and you’re out of touch with this circle? This way, Nian Nian will naturally be disadvantaged compared to Xianrou and have fewer connections…”

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